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Cooper wants the lunch ladies evaluating your kid’s mental health

Gun control weenies want to empower the hourly employee at War-Mart’s gun counter to evaluate each customer’s mental state.  Now, Governor Roy Cooper wants to give the same power to the lunch lady at your kid’s school: Gov. Roy Cooper on Thursday called for $130…

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Guns. Mental Health. Elaine Marshall. (Need we say more?)

      This news from Secretary of State Elaine Marshall’s Twitter feed  is a wee bit old, but we thought it was worth sharing: *I wonder which part she was invited to talk about?* 

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NC state govt’s “Dorothea” Pre-“Dix”-ament

    It’s being reported that the GOP majority in the General Assembly, outgoing Gov. Bev Perdue, and incoming Governor Pat McCrory are all squabbling about what to do with the former Dorothea Dix Hospital property in Raleigh.  For decades, Dix was the place to…