Monkey Business Report, NCGOP convention edition

DallasWhat’s the best way to keep the um, “riff-raff” away from your business / party / event ?   Jack up the cost of participation.  

That appears to be the focus of man-about-town-via-the-short-bus Dallas Woodhouse & co. at the NCGOP HQ.  Folks interesting in registering for the 2016 state NCGOP convention were shocked to discover that the CHEAP tickets for this year’s shindig are NINETY BUCKS PER PERSON.  Full participation in the weekend is $360 per person. 

Cheap tickets were $75 just last year.  In the last presidential year (2012), the cheap tickets were $35.  Critics are already seeing this as an effort to price out grassroots activists and allow the deeper-pocketed lawyers, lobbyists, donors and politicians in the party structure’s ruling class have it pretty much all to themselves.monkey

This is an especially troubling event — given that Hasan Harnett and Michele Nix campaigned for the party’s top offices promising to open things up to a broader range of people.  I am told by sources familiar with state party operations that Harnett and Nix actually have the final say on pricing. 

This MAY be a way to compensate for lackluster fundraising.  It is my understanding that a record number of GOP legislators have balked on paying their “dues” to the party in recent months.  Dallas The Wonderboy has fallen well short of the fundraising levels he promised when he got the job of executive director. Dallas backers have been touting an alleged $100,000 fundraising haul allegedly orchestrated by Dallas.  Funny, though. That figure matches EXACTLY what several legislators took out of the party treasury in August and re-deposited toward the end of the yeawarr. 

Now is as good a time as any to Go Galt on these people. They want your money so they can continue to pack the wallets of Paul Shumaker and his coterie of consultant pals. They’re backing solar subsidies.  They’re running away from the amnesty fight.  Many of them are backing this ConnectNC atrocity. Drop out.  Starve the beast.

Give your time and money directly to worthwhile candidates out there — many whom we have or will identif[ied] — or organizations, like NCCPAC, that will fight to set things right.