Monkey Business Report, NCGOP convention edition

DallasWhat’s the best way to keep the um, “riff-raff” away from your business / party / event ?   Jack up the cost of participation.  

That appears to be the focus of man-about-town-via-the-short-bus Dallas Woodhouse & co. at the NCGOP HQ.  Folks interesting in registering for the 2016 state NCGOP convention were shocked to discover that the CHEAP tickets for this year’s shindig are NINETY BUCKS PER PERSON.  Full participation in the weekend is $360 per person. 

Cheap tickets were $75 just last year.  In the last presidential year (2012), the cheap tickets were $35.  Critics are already seeing this as an effort to price out grassroots activists and allow the deeper-pocketed lawyers, lobbyists, donors and politicians in the party structure’s ruling class have it pretty much all to themselves.monkey

This is an especially troubling event — given that Hasan Harnett and Michele Nix campaigned for the party’s top offices promising to open things up to a broader range of people.  I am told by sources familiar with state party operations that Harnett and Nix actually have the final say on pricing. 

This MAY be a way to compensate for lackluster fundraising.  It is my understanding that a record number of GOP legislators have balked on paying their “dues” to the party in recent months.  Dallas The Wonderboy has fallen well short of the fundraising levels he promised when he got the job of executive director. Dallas backers have been touting an alleged $100,000 fundraising haul allegedly orchestrated by Dallas.  Funny, though. That figure matches EXACTLY what several legislators took out of the party treasury in August and re-deposited toward the end of the yeawarr. 

Now is as good a time as any to Go Galt on these people. They want your money so they can continue to pack the wallets of Paul Shumaker and his coterie of consultant pals. They’re backing solar subsidies.  They’re running away from the amnesty fight.  Many of them are backing this ConnectNC atrocity. Drop out.  Starve the beast.

Give your time and money directly to worthwhile candidates out there — many whom we have or will identif[ied] — or organizations, like NCCPAC, that will fight to set things right.

33 thoughts on “Monkey Business Report, NCGOP convention edition

  1. To clarify The General/Business session last year had a early bird rate of $50 with the regular rate of $75 I believe it was the same in 2014 but yes $35 closer to the proper price for a ticket

    I call for a boycott of anyone buy any tickets to the convention until they address this outrageous price hike. This is the same NC GOP that did not let executive committee members see the whole 2016 budget in their hand to look it over before they were asked to vote on it. The state party is out of control under the leadership of woodhouse

  2. I have a better solution: Show up to the convention and FIRE that Woodhouse bum. He helped Thom “toll road” Tillis get into the US Senate where he could do his dirty work on an dven bigger scale, sent out those beg letters for “big govment” Burr, and now he’s trying to keep the Conservative Republicans out of the convention.

    Fire his ass.

      1. honestly at the time during the meeting the issue was brought up the meeting had turned into a sham. If I do not get my way OK but at least the process needs to be fair to all sides we are what republicans after all we fight for values like honor, integrity. transparency and the truth

      2. You must not have been at the meeting. The mover of the resolution on Comrade Woodhouse had some sort of family emergency and could not attend the meeting so he had someone from his county withdraw it from that meeting. It was never voted upon and the specific issues in it never presented to the executive committee. I do not know if he will bring it up at the next meeting or not.

        The meeting chairman, who was the new party General Counsel, tried to force the resolution to a vote even though no one actually made the motion on the floor. His attempt to do that makes you wonder whether he is a factional hack who will not render fair and impartial opinions in party matters.

        1. Yea and then they flipped it from a vote of no confidence to a vote of confidence on a voice vote….. The control of the meeting was lost and it was a sham

  3. As I said before, it’s a poll tax, imposed for exactly the reasons the original poll tax was imposed. But I’ll be there. Let’s burn that weasel in May and Fire his master, Pat McCrory, next week.

  4. Just another evil scheme by the Establi$hment. They want their selection of Delegates to the RNC and their pick of the Committeeman and Committeewoman. The $90 business fee will probably seal the deal for them. I believe the good Republicans are becoming extinct- they are all leaving and joining the “Unaffiliated” so they don’t have to deal with the Establishment’s tricks. I have to say, I don’t blame them.

  5. Legislators don’t pay “dues” to the NCGOP. They pay dues to their respective caucus accounts.

    Legislators withholding “dues” has nothing to do with the convention or Dallas, it’s due to the Hager/Burr cabal not wanting to give the money to the caucus and Jeter get credit for the work. Plus, Burr needs all his money for his primary.

  6. On top of the high convention fees, The Central Committee decided to use the 2011 maps for Party Leadership and delegates to state and national conventions in direct violation of the Plan of Organization. Same corrupt detritus as always.

    1. The Central Committee does not have the power to amend the Plan of Organization. They have either stupidly or deliberately set up a potential National Convention challenge to the NC delegation. That is particularly dangerous when the convention may be contested and there may thus be people actively looking for delegations to challenge. RNC also does not have the power to ”okay” such a violation of state party rules. That is ultimately up to the national convention as a body.

      The extortionate delegate fee is an attempt to save the National Committeeman and Commiteewoman seats for the establishment. It is an outrage against the grassroots. Republicans need to cut off their contributions to NCGOP in protest. We need to go to the convention to vote these scoundrels out, but NOT buy ANY of the extras.

      The Plan of Organization also needs to be amended to give the power to set the delegate fee to the Executive Committee, and take it away from the Central Committee which has abused it. Another alternative would be to set the convention basic registration fee in the Plan of Organization and provide that it could only be increased by a super majority of the Executive Committee.

  7. Dallas Woodhouse Burr, Tillis, Elmers, etc… Are bigger LIARS than Obama himself. During daily discussions with people who are “not” political, I can sense people are fed up with the Rino establishment and are looking for new candidates; hence Brannon. Conservatives need to help get his name out, though. I find most people asking whom to vote for? Hopefully, conservatives will push hard through word of mouth and Brannon will do his part. His ads on Rush Limbaugh are good, but not enough, since most of those listeners are familiar with him and should be supporters. Defund the RINO establishment!

  8. No telling what they will sell at large delegate seats to the national convention for. The elite donors will pay thousands to go!

      1. I think that figure is an estimate of the costs of attending rather than a registration fee. At least in the past, there was no registration fee at all to the national convention, but hotel was particularly expensive and that drove a lot of the cost.

  9. I am truly torn. I can’t decide whether to send my delegate letter back to GOP HQ with a no thank you signed in Copenhagen Southern Blend spit or to go one more time intent on raising mortal hell.

  10. We all need to huddle together with our copies of Robert’s Rules before the big day and come up with a good plan to beat them at their own game.
    Anyone wanna join me?

  11. I dont know that I could hand over any of my money to the NC GOP without feeling really dirty about it, knowing I was, in some small way, helping to fund what I’ve seen come out of that group? Ugh… they’ve got a looong way to go before “that” happens.

    Reminds me of how I felt years ago when I got my last “renew your N&O subscription” letter. I really felt “so” much better crumpling that up and putting my time and money elsewhere. 🙂

  12. Someone needs to teach the NCGOP a class on price pointing and diminishing returns.

    $90 to sit through a worthless bitch fest of a business session is insane.

  13. This is all about control, and there is little doubt where this originates, and that is Dallas Woodhouse, who has usurped the role of party chairman, with the connivance of a majority of the Central Committee. It is sad that our real party chairman has allowed himself to be marginalized rather than fighting this clique.

    Another key change that is all about control was moving the location of the convention from Wilmington to Greensboro. At the regular conventions, counties vote their whole allotted vote regardless of whether they have bodies on the floor to represent those numbers. Presidential year conventions require a body on the floor for every vote cast. Thus where the convention is held matters a lot. Local people can drive in to the convention for the day and not have hotel expense, meaning it costs them a lot less to attend than those who have to drive in from longer distances. Thus it is easier to get a larger proportional turnout from delegates within easy driving distance of where the convention is located.

    Moving the convention was a calculated maneuver to effect the outcome of the convention. I suspect those involved care more about the national committee seats, which are also Central Committee seats and thus impact control of the NCGOP than they do about national delegates, but both likely come into play.

    1. What is this moving of the convention you are talking about did they not announce at cherokee the it was going to raleigh and then greensboro. The convention was going to be in greensboro before woodhouse got involved. Please explain further

      1. A county chairman mentioned the change at a GOP meeting I was at. I will have to ask him for the details of when it happened. He did not mention the impact on voting strength. He just preferred going to Wilmington rather than Greensboro.

        1. See John, you make no sense.

          Greensboro, being centrally located between the two largest counties and in closer proximity to the base GOP voters (Triad and westward) would certainly seem to INCREASE participation and attendance at the NCGOP convention rather than putting it in the Southeastern corner of the state.

          You are so blinded by some dislike of the “establishment” or Dallas that you can’t even see the fallacy behind your arguments.

          1. John is normally right 95% perfect of the time here…. give him a break none of us can be right all the time…. Then important thing when you see something that you do not think is accurate is try to clarify things so the truth can win out no need to insult anyone

  14. Is Dallas aware of the astronomical cost associated with health insurance these days? And the fact that many of us do not have extra money? Oh, never mind Dallas’s health care is paid by the NCGOP he could not care less. If he runs short he will hit up the solar lobby. Defunding Woodhouse’$ health insurance might help him understand the needs of ordinary Americans. Where the heck is Hasan? Please someone step up and run for Chairman that will Trump Woodhouse. He is as out of touch as Hillary.

  15. You all should just go get jobs and get off this board talking about black helicopters and you could afford to go to the convention. Sound like a bunch of Bernie Sanders supporters wanting something for nothing

    1. The business session should not be a fund raising event. The price of the business session should cover costs but every effort should be take to drive down the cost of holding the convention to keep the general/business session as low as possible to allow for the most delegate participation possible

      Republicans fight for smaller government and lower taxes and this should be reflected in the way the convention is run and in the cost for delegates

    2. What I do on my lunch hour and breaks is my business. I can bet you one thing I work more hours per week than any socialist you know. Are you feelin the Bern?

    3. Truth Sayer/ Liar Sayer are you a socialist or a Rino?? Oh I forgot there’s no difference. I am happy to say the American people have finally woke up and let’s see how that works out for your candidates. GTH!

  16. Truth Liar Sayer whatever: So, it’s your position that we all pay the maximum amount for the honor of going through the motions of pretending to do the party’s business, with limited information for preparation, while at the same time having to react to the well planned shenanigans of the insider script writers that are not really willing to have a real convention any more than they are willing to have any real business meeting. Further, you are ok with having partial delegations, made up of so called party elites, from counties in order to be the props for this fiasco.

    Yep, GTH sounds about right, dude.

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