Meadows, Jones show spine in opposing CRomnibus. Other NCGOPers? Not so much.

meadowsBarry Obama and John Boehner got their $1 trillion spending monstrosity pushed through the House last night by a 219-206 margin.  Amnesty got fully funded.  So did ObamaCare.  Renee Ellmers got her women’s museum.  A lot of other folks got their pork, too. (And your great-great-great grandchildren just got burdened with some more debt to pay off.) 

In the North Carolina delegation, Mark Meadows (R-11) and Walter Jones (R-3)  were the only GOPers to show some spine and oppose this thing.  (Adams, Butterfield, and McIntyre said no on the Democrat side.) 

wjPatrick McHenry (R-10) got some good press the other day for talking tough to ObamaCare architect Jonathan (“Stupid Voters”) Gruber.  Yet, McHenry voted FOR the CRomnibus which fully funds ObamaCare. Though, Pat can’t afford to make leadership angry.  He just got hired on as deputy majority whip.  He has to be a team player — with the DC team.

Richard Hudson (R-8) has been talking tough all over the place about how he was going to fight to his last breath to block amnesty.  Yet, he voted for this CRomnibus deal that fully funds amnesty AND ObamaCare.

Virginia Foxx (R-5) signed on with the pro-amnesty crew, but has been talking tough about fighting ObamaCare. Yet, she voted FOR this CRomnibus which fully-funds ObamaCare. Like McHenry, she has a leadership role in the House and HAS to play ball. 

Renee Ellmers (R-2) did what was expected.  She has been strident in supporting amnesty, and has fought past efforts to defund ObamaCare.  She actually lived up to her reputation and voted FOR CRomnibus.Renee Ellmers

Thanks in great part to the fine work of guerilla cameraman Chuck Suter, we know how Robert Pittenger (R-9) feels about ObamaCare and amnesty.  He stayed consisent by voting for this abysmal CRomnibus.

George Holding (R-13) has talked tough about amnesty and ObamaCare, but he stood with John Boehner — and against his constituents — in voting FOR the CRomnibus that funds both things.

The option was there to pass something short term that would allow the GOP majority in the next Congress a free hand to set spending priorities.  But, no.  We *couldn’t* do that.

sleepIt is a sad statement when the “honorables” have become more frightened of John Boehner and Barry Obama than they are of their own constituents.  As long as they help secure the government checks for the folks back home, who is going to give them any heat in May or November?

Playing the continuing resolution and omnibus spending game is so much more *fun* than actually doing your job and passing A BUDGET.  The CRomnibus game allows you to avoid uncomfortable scenarios like publicizing a detailed spending plan and living WITHIN YOUR MEANS.  Spending caps are meaningless in this world.  The CRomnibus game just allows you to keep the spending coming at the same, or higher, levels.  

Read up on the history of places like Greece, Egypt, Britain, and Italy.  We especially recommend Edward Gibbon’s “The Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire.’‘  We think you will notice some frightening, unsettling similarities in current events.