#ncpol: NOT Everybody Loves Ted

pittengerTexas senator Ted Cruz (R) is one of the more popular political figures among American conservatives.  But two of North Carolina’s Renee Ellmersrepresentatives in Washington have been showing the Texan a wee bit of disrespect.  Last year, an aide to Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-9) — still employed by Crazy Uncle Bob, by the way — took to Facebook to mock the Texas Senator’s efforts to defund ObamaCare.

Lately, the Texas senator has been working with House conservatives to derail John Boehner’s CRomnibus travesty.  This time, it’s Renee Ellmers (R-2) is jumping on the Trash Ted bandwagon: 

[…] Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-N.C.) told CNN last week that “Senator Cruz needs to stay in the Senate. I think Senator Cruz wants to fan the flames here, but I think everyone here has become more savvy to his ways.” […] 

Renee Ellmers — Useful idiot or useless idiot?  You make the call. 

Oh, to be represented by someone who is more concerned with us and the future of this country than with making John Boehner or Kevin McCarthy happy …