Laying the foundation for a November blame game

blameBy all indications, Republicans should have a good November.  But we also thought that about November 2012.  Remember everyone saying there was no way in hell that Barry Obama would get another four years?

Well, it appears the DC establishment is laying some groundwork JUST IN CASE things don’t go so well in November:

A contentious primary season has taken a toll on pro-Republican super PACs, which spent heavily on election battles among GOP candidates and are looking to November with less cash on hand than their Democratic counterparts.

The largest pro-Republican super PACs have not only raised less money than Democratic groups but spent a far larger share of it on primary fights, a Wall Street Journal analysis of campaign-finance filings shows. For the current campaign cycle through July 3, pro-Republican super PACs in the study directed more than 70% of their spending toward battles among GOP candidates, while the largest Democratic super PACs put just 9% of their spending into primaries.

The bottom line: The largest Democratic super PACs are heading into the general-election season with a combined $36 million in the bank as of their latest filings—nearly three times as much as the largest Republican political-action committees.

Thomas Mann, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution think tank, said the spending disparity was “almost inevitable” given the divisions within the Republican Party. Democratic groups’ fundraising success also indicates they are determined to protect vulnerable Senate seats, he said. “If they lose the Senate, it will not be because they have been greatly outspent,” he said.

* Oh, if ONLY those silly Tea-baggers had backed off and let Uncle Karl pick all the candidates …*

Get ready folks.  It’s gonna be OUR fault.

16 thoughts on “Laying the foundation for a November blame game

  1. An analysis by The Politico calculated that the ”establishment” (Big Government Republican) PAC’s have so far spent $23 million intervening in Republican primaries. That is $23 million less they will have to fight Democrats. And some of what they did will blow back on establishment candidates in November. Many conservatives are not happy about out of state party bosses trying to manipulate our primaries. Now what they have done in Mississippi to fraudulently steal the GOP nomination and use rancid race baiting to do it will motivate conservative voters to skip establishment candidates in November. In an important election year, when working together is critical to winning the Senate, the arrogant power seeking jerks in the establishment has blown up party unity and by doing so have jeopardized GOP chances this year. We need to clean house in our party of these establishment hacks who are clearly more interested in trying to beat conservatives within the party than they are in beating Democrats. If we do not, the days of the GOP are probably numbered.

  2. If the voters reject you then you must find someone to blame. Obviously it is never the candidate’s fault but those mysterious forces lurking in the shadows of the voting booth.

    If Tillis loses I think the Moral Monday crowd will claim responsibility. If Kay loses I think she will claim to be a victim of the Republican war on women.

    The media loves a sore loser because they say a bunch of crazy stuff.

    I think it will come down to how many are mad at Obama and how many are mad at Tillis. Kay is just there. She is Obama’s surrogate and Tillis is the face of evil incarnate.

    It is Obama vs. Tillis! Who do you dislike the most? Leave Kay out of it. She is an innocent bystander.

  3. The National GOP organization has literally declared war on its base. It’s going to be difficult to get conservative voters fired up and willing to do the necessary campaign work–or even to bother voting. What should have been a banner year may turn out to be rather anemic for the GOP. I talk to a lot of Republicans who are totally turned off by the GOP professionals.

    1. I hear the same thing. There was a lot of angst over how our DC leadership has played surrender monkey to Obama and the Democrats instead of fighting, From polling several months ago on enthusiasm levels, they showed Republican voters a good bit more enthusiastic than Democrat voters, but significantly less enthusiastic than in 2010. Since then we have had McConnell vowing to ”crush [conservatives] everywhere”, the buying of the NC nomination for US Senate by Karl Rove’s money, and most dramatically, the frauds in Mississippi. Due to the actions and attitude of the establishment, the air is now seriously leaking out of the enthusiasm. How stupid are the GOP establishment.

  4. They only have themselves to blame – and considering their Dem-lite ways, I’m not at all upset with the idea of them falling short of their goals, and wherever they want to toss blame is A-OK with me. They dont deserve the support of the people they’re asking it of – often to an insulting degree.

    Their own folly and arrogant performance is all part of the mentality that made them poor candidates and un-worthy of principled support in the first place. Perhaps they should consider the validity of reasons why they had to spend so much money and work so many questionable angles to get “their picks” through primaries.

    To whatever circumstances November brings, good riddance. A GOP focused and controlled by an entirely different set of ideas would be welcome. It’s a shame to see them in position, but so unready to offer a better choice to Obama.

  5. Its going to be the Libertarians fault. I can’t believe I will be voting for a pizza man. The est. has forced my hand….Thorry Thom.

    1. The Libertarians screwed up their primary, too. D’Annunzio was presentable on the issues. Haugh is bouncing off the walls on some, like his open borders position. Writing in for Rhodes is probably a better option for disenfranchised conservatives than Haugh.

    2. Never underestimate the value of a good pizza man. I have had the same guy for years and he is a jewel. Always on time with a hot pizza. He will even stop by the Kwik Mart and pick me up a six-pack in an emergency.

      Worth the consideration.

    3. The pizza man isn’t your only option:

      Rhodes is a strong Conservative that the establishment ousted from the NCGA because he exposed their corruption. They got an unknown puppet named Tillis to primary Rhodes and used their typical slime all tactics to win. So a vote for Rhodes sends a very clear message to the corrupt establishment.

  6. I saw a photo of Kay over on Plotthound firing an assault rifle. Kay was wearing jeans and look like a real gun nut. Firing an assault rife for the camera got Momma Grizzly into the national spotlight. Kay may be the next Sarah.

    I do wish Kay would do something with her hair. Spend some money and find John Edward’s stylist. Kay has a little too much hair and would look more Senatorial with a Barbara Boxer style ‘do. Barbara changes her hair around as much as a Hollywood starlet and keeps us all guessing.

    Kay should let her hair down or put it up. Switch it up. And Kay needs to keep firing off those rounds. I think her rifle even had an expanded clip.

  7. We are now seeing Mississippi tactics of polluting GOP runoffs with liberal Democrat voters being deployed by the Big Government / establishment Republicans in a runoff in Georgia:

    Why do these morons think conservatives are still going to vote for them after they make alliances with liberal Democrats to try to defeat conservatives? If they do that in election campaigns, they would do it in public office, too, on legislation. They are splitting the party in a way that it cannot be repaired in time for November.

  8. The sad part of this scenario is we no longer have a 2 party system. We have Democrat and Dem-lite. The progressives are very patient,they have been shoving this crap down us for over 100 years. They have rewritten our textbooks and the MSM is afraid to tell the truth unless it is in an entertaining format for fear that they will lose their audience. They have embraced the blame game as it is fashionable in DC. God help us as we reap what we sow.

    1. For years, establishment / Big Government Republican voters and conservative / Limited Government Republicans have come together after the primary, often on the ”lesser of the evils” theory and regarded each other as the lesser of the evils.. The sea change from the tactics of the Big Government Republicans this election cycle is that they are clearly showing that between liberal Democrats and conservatives in their own party, the Big Government Republicans are clearly broadcasting that they now consider liberal Democrats to be the lesser of the evils for them compared to conservatives. Under those circumstances, it is becoming increasingly problematic that conservative Republican voters will continue to consider Establishment Republicans the lesser of the evils come November. The Mississippi tactics are splitting the party and it is a genie that will be hard to put back in the bottle. Strong action by the RNC to crack down on these tactics by the Big Government Republicans could have perhaps nipped the problem in the bud, but the RNC has condoned the Mississippi tactics by its silence.

  9. The Democrats snookered us in the Mississippi primary and we must retaliate. They interfered with us and now we must return the favor! We can show them we are no pushovers by coming out with a “Republicans for Kay Hagan!” That will show the high and mighty Democrats that we Republican are just as smart as them. Let’s make them look like the fools they are when we elect Kay Hagan. The Democrats will be scratching their heads trying to figure out how we got so smart.

    1. This Republican has voted for Democrats (and Libertarians) before but would NEVER vote for Kay Hagan. Problem is, don’t know if I can vote for Tillis, either. Others may agree with me on that, but it needs to be said over and over again that refusing to vote for Tillis is an NOT an excuse to stay home in November.

      We have too many important Judicial and other down-ballot races on the line, and those people are counting on us to make it happen.

    2. It wasn’t the Democrats who snookered us in Mississippi. In fact, both the state Democrat and state Republican chairmen denounced the attempt to get liberal Democrats to vote in the GOP primary when it first developed. The culprits were the GOP establishment represented by the Cochran campaign and by national Republican groups. Here is a a revealing account from a major British newspaper:

      It is the establishment Republicans, not the Democrats, who need to be taught a lesson on this one.

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