Kay Hagan, pro-business? SURE. (And I’m Bill Barber’s homey.)

sock puppet





McClatchy is carrying on with their effort to save US Senator Kay Hagan — affectionately known around these parts as Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) sock puppet — from the wrath of Tar Heel voters in 2014.

On Friday, McClatchy-Charlotte treated us to a homily entitled “Hagan touts bill to support small business growth.”  Gosh, that sounds great.  What are the details of the bill she is “touting”?  Let’s let the McClatchy crayonista tells us:

U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan touted the importance of government support for small-business growth Friday morning at Mac’s Speed Shop.

Hagan, D-N.C., visited the South End barbecue hotspot to gain support for a bipartisan bill she’s co-sponsoring that would allow businesses to write off more of their commercial improvement projects each year.

“I hear too often from business owners that they’re putting off (improvements) because of uncertainty in Washington,” Hagan said. “We need to give them the certainty they need to … recoup their investments.

If you look at the photo accompanying the linked story, you will see Hagan hugged up to a buxom blonde lobbyist for the restaurant association.  It would seem to me that the more authentic headline here should be:  “Sock Puppet follows orders, collects lobbyist cash.”

There’s nothing here about cutting regulations.  It’s all about carving some exceptions into the tax code to favor a narrow niche within the business economy.  So, this means less tax revenue will be coming into federal coffers.  Does this mean there will be off-setting federal spending cuts?  Does this mean other individuals and businesses will avoid seeing their tax burden increase?  Don’t count on ANY of that.  This is all about collecting cash from some restaurant lobbyists and earning some positive publicity in front of a tough reelection campaign.
The media covering this event SHOULD have asked some of those restauranteurs about the real “uncertainty” in Washington they fear — a nightmare called ObamaCare.   That legislation — passionately supported and promoted by Hagan — is expected to jack up operating costs for retailers and restauranteurs.  Many restaurant owners are preparing for its implementation by cutting back on employee hours.  If she wants to really be a heroine to business, she’d step in and help kill ObamaCare.  But ol’ Kay does not have the guts to go against her puppetmaster Schumer, Dingy Harry Reid, and the rest of those characters in the Democrat cloakroom.  It’s a travesty that she has a stronger allegiance to a far left Democrat senator from New York than to the folks who can actually vote for her.  
The real lesson for North Carolina voters is this:  Don’t believe McClatchy and WRAL.  They will say or do anything to promote the interests of their leftist owners.  Do your own research. Ask tough questions.  The smiling faces on the TV and the bylines in the paper left in your front yard each morning have no interest in telling you the honest truth.