*Kasich? (No, Rubio.) Romney? (Lindsey Graham.) No. Trump. Yeah, I’m NOW for Trump.*

nee1The driveby media is reporting THIS:

Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-N.C.) said she voted for Donald Trump in her state’s Republican primary on Tuesday.

“I think they have a lot to say about the direction they want the country to go in,” Ellmers said, according to a report from The News & Observer in Raleigh. “I think they want someone to go to Washington and shake things up.”

The North Carolina Republican had not previously endorsed Trump; five members of Congress have thrown their support behind his candidacy, along with two sitting governors.

Ellmers is running for reelection this year in the 2nd congressional district, which has seen significant boundary changes in recent weeks. She will also face a primary challenge from fellow Rep. George Holding (R-N.C.), who currently represents the state’s 13th district.

No joke she hasn’t “previously endorsed Trump.’‘ LAST WEEK she was in Chatham County openly supporting John Kasichtouting him as “the most mature right now.”

Wow. Talk about flexibility.  (Insert your own Kevin McCarthy-related sarcasm /humor here at your own discretion / peril.) 

Nee-Nee faces the voters again on June 7. 


13 thoughts on “*Kasich? (No, Rubio.) Romney? (Lindsey Graham.) No. Trump. Yeah, I’m NOW for Trump.*

  1. I think Renee now feels that Trump is the probable nominee and she wants to support the Republican Party.

  2. She’s not supporting the Republican party, she is just trying to catch up to the coattails. Barbie knows she is going to have a hard time even competing in the primary and needs all the help she can get.

  3. NeeNee has stabbed in the back all the working men and women who supported her. She sucked up to the tea parties to get their votes and promptly became the establishment wonk she said she would never be. It’s funny what a committee chairmanship and a few TV interviews will buy…. She needs to go.

  4. Née Née is glad to be far from the reach of Moore County voters where she lost the MCGOP convention straw poll by a landslide to Jim Duncan. Yes, she is hoping “The Donald’s” coattails will drag low enough that she can grasp them.
    I plan to make campaign donations to her opponent, even though she will not be on my ballot.

    1. You may regret that, her opponent is just better at hiding the fact that he’s not all that different from her.

      1. You are correct. Holding voted for the 2014 cromnibus and even admitted that it “stunk”. George has a talent of voting for things and talking about how terrible his vote was after the fact. I wish Duncan would get in this district. Either way it should push both to the right, til November. Then, you’ll see more socialism from either one.

        1. I know what you mean. My Rep is Pitt and him and Barbie have a lot in common- they wrap themselves in the conservative Christian banner then vote with a liberal agenda. One slight difference though, pitt is being investigated by the FBI- guess that would be something he has in common with Hillary Clinton. Boom!

  5. How do you go from being a “proud,” card carrying member of the Ripon Society to supporting Donald Trump?

    She’s desperate!

    It’s over! “I regret it for her.” (George Holding’s comment on running against Renee Ellmers.)

  6. She flipped on her presidential candidate selection almost as quickly as she flipped to being a vocal proponent of AMNESTY.

  7. If the Donald is elected she would be toast anyway. He doesn’t agree with her type of shenanigans.

    1. Frances, you are delusional. Trump is a crony capitalist and as one, fits right in with Renee. He is also truth impaired just like she is. Two peas in a pod.

  8. Ellmers is a troll; I’m still for Duncan.

    Also, Burr will lose senate seat to the dem. Burr pulled in 61% of the vote; he’ll need the 39% to win. Ross (Dem), though only got 62% in the primary, will get 100% in the general since democrats have no true thought process. Burr needs the real conservatives to retain the seat. So he’ll have to really suck up to the Brannon voters (me).

    I know for a fact I will skip the bubble with his name. I’ll probably write-in Deez Nuts.

  9. at least Trump is a leader and voices the thoughts that many think or say in private. Washington needs to be shaken up. down to is very roots. if Trump can’t do it then we need to find another he is not afraid (for what ever reason) to get out there and ask the questions. we have enough gutless wonders in leadership roles now. afraid to voice an opinion or just tell you what you want to hear.

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