Burning down the house

They lost the election for party chairman in June.  But the BLOG-FIRE-bigstock-Fire-119560371Craig Collins campaign is trying to “win” it back right now in a style that would make Watergate-era Richard Nixon beam with pride.

The in-house propaganda organ for the Raleigh Cartel has broken a story alleging that Hasan Harnett tried to perpetrate a Kevin Mitnick on the NCGOP website.   The source?  None other than rodeo clown Dallas Woodhouse himself:

The North Carolina Republican Party has contacted law enforcement officials in Raleigh and launched an internal investigation after receiving a tip last week that a computer technician was instructed by the elected chairman to crash the party’s GOP convention websites and replace them with alternative websites. In a sworn affidavit obtained by the North State Journal, the computer technician said that Chairman Hassan Harnett asked him to replace the N.C. GOP sites with ones housing a new fundraising system that, if implemented, would have funneled payments for the state convention out of party accounts and into ones under the control of the chairman. hh3

The allegations appear to be lighting a movement within the party’s governing Central Committee to censure or remove Harnett as chairman. According to those close to the N.C. GOP, members will consider, at a minimum, severely limiting Harnett’s authority to speak on behalf of the party until the investigation is complete, but it may also begin circulating a petition for his removal as chairman. The petition would require 50 signatures and must pass by a two-thirds vote of the party’s more than 600-member Executive Committee. Tncgophe smaller Central Committee, which has 30 voting members who are elected every two years, took the unusual step this week of calling its own meeting for March 20, where members may consider emergency actions. Usually the party chairman formally calls the Central Committee to meet. The efforts allegedly launched by Harnett are described in a sworn and notarized affidavit reviewed by the North State Journal on the condition that the accuser remains anonymous until the investigation is complete. N.C. GOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse would not comment on the allegations. However, several high-ranking members of the party’s governing committees confirmed the underlying details of the events’ timeline and the existence of the investigation. […]


Joyce Cotten — a/k/a The Mother-in-Law from Hell — is the main mover-and-shaker behind this one.  She’s got Ada Fisher and Dallas out front, though. 

Boy, that’s nice.  An anonymous accuser followed by a leak to the press — even though it’s Pat McCrory’s personal propaganda organ.  

One big mistake by the lynch mob? Putting Dallas Woodhouse out front.  There is an interesting public record on Mr. Woodhouse.  There’s this interview from election night 2014.  There’s the alleged false statements to the IRS about Carolina Rising.  And then there was the gross, outrageous attempt to slander Charlotte reporter Nick Ochsner.

Ada Fisher is not much better. 90

The record shows chairman Harnett publicly complaining about not being able to access the party website to update pricing information for the state convention.  We also have the public complaints about Woodhouse ordering the accountant to call the ISP to shut down Harnett and vice chairman Michele Nix’s email.  And don’t forget the letters and emails and press releases sent out by Dallas in the name of  the party and Harnett without Harnett’s knowledge or approval.  Sources have confirmed for me that party HQ is dominated by on-going insubordination against Harnett by Woodhouse and spats between the two.  

It was clear from the beginning that Woodhouse — with his track record as a dirty tricks errand boy for the cartel — would be put in place to bog down any efforts by the new party chairman.  

downloadWhat was a great PR coup in June — electing the first black party chairman — has been torpedoed by some selfish, vile, corrupt people willing to tear others down to protect their loot, their position in the on-going scam in Raleigh. 

I’m all for giving Mr. Harnett his due process and a fair shake.  I am willing to bet that what happened was more like THIS:  Harnett wanted to update the website to change the convention fees and honor his campaign promise.  Woodhouse refused to follow orders.  Harnett — getting no help from the party leadership that backed his opponent in June — tried to go around Woodhouse.  And we got this nasty piece of political assassination as an end result.

michele-and-hasan-e1433772184264The “security” story is bunk.  If the problem was Harnett, why shut off the email of vice chairman Nix — who also is a thorn in the cartel’s side?  Copies of emails are saved on servers.  If investigators wanted them, they could go directly to the server.  Harnett can’t delete those.

It sure looks like this puts a fork in any efforts to grow African-American participation in the NCGOP.  Why would any of them want to join a group dominated by this high-tech lynch mob?

Beyond that, why would ANYONE want to get involved in this nonsense?  The state party is as bad as the one in DC.  Jesse Helms, Ronald Reagan and their conservative principles are dead, buried and long-forgotten.  The GOP is now in the era of Thom Tillis-style trolling-for-cash-with-both-hands politics. Dallas

We’re just bystanders to — and apparently the bank for — this on-going never-ending BIPARTISAN scam.

The only way to teach these people a lesson is to toss them out on their butts.  Let’s hope at least a few of them get tossed today.