Gov. Pat, THOSE “politicians” and free stuff

Yes, on this very election day, our fearless governor has taken to social media:


laughYou mean, like, if some politician tells you that voting for a bond issue WON’T mean a tax increase, even though it did the last time one got approved? That kind of free ??? 

Oh, and I don’t know about this turning around and walking away stuff.  Men carry their wallets in their back pockets. Turning around and walking away would make it easier for your wallet to get lifted by those politicians (which Pat McCrory apparently does not think he is). 

1 thought on “Gov. Pat, THOSE “politicians” and free stuff

  1. He just left over the part where you turn around and bend over if it is a politician making that offer. There is no way to walk away from the long tentacles of the government.

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