Jones to Meadows: SIGN ME UP!

The two most notorious residents of John Boehner’s dog house — from opposite ends of this great state —  are teaming up to see about VACATING the speaker’s chair.   Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC-03) has confimed via Facebook that he has Mark Meadows’s back:



I am sure there is room on that paper for the signatures of Mrs. Ellmers & Mrs. Foxx,  and Messrs. McHenry, Hudson, Holding, Rouzer and Pittenger.  If you get the chance, tell some of those folks how important it is that they sign up with Walter and Mark to get this thing done. 

And if they say no, ask them specifically what, in Meadows’s filing, they have a problem with.

5 thoughts on “Jones to Meadows: SIGN ME UP!

  1. Mmm, don’t see Boehner’s main flunkies, Foxx and McHenry, doing anything to upset their master. As for Walker, he went Washington on day 1, stunning the 6th district with his duplicity. Supposedly, he was NOT going to vote for Boehner for Speaker. Then he got sworn in and the rest is history.

    As for Holding, you think he’s going to jeopardize that brand new seat on the Ways and Means Committee? Funny story about that. Seven months ago, I heard that the local Republican leaders of the northern and western counties of his district, showed up in his office and warned him that Boehner was toxic and he’d do well not to vote for him for Speaker. Naturally, he went straight back to DC and voted as he pleased. Again, I don’t exactly see him suffering an attack of principle and supporting Mark Meadows.

  2. REP. WALTER Jones he votes for what is best for the folks he represents! Honest and helps Commercial Fishermen, Soldiers, Problems with Bridges and Dredging Sounds.Great staff!

  3. Hey you guys better watch out over in the 11th. Word has it Taylor Griffin is meandering around out there!

  4. So many congressmen leave their principles at the door … As they pick up their FEC-immune “leadership PACs” and start down the road to riches. Checking the financial statements since entering public office is quite revealing.

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