Jon Hardister, The Pander Bear.

Maybe the House majority whip has stumbled across something revolutionary: bending over backwards to pander to black voters in the, um, Republican primary.

Jon Hardister (R-Guilford) has taken the lead in forming a state African American Heritage Commission.  Now, he’s pushing for “comprehensive civil rights education for every student.” 

Perhaps House Republicans have worked out some kind of pro sports-like trade: Cotham to the GOP in exchange for Hardister to the Dems. 

Here’s a taste of what’s in this latest bill:

This sounds like something straight out of the Critical Race Theory / DEI playbook:  Stir up anger, divide the people, dump on America.  Hardister chairs the higher education committee in the House.  No wonder we’ve heard crickets on the matter of fighting CRT, DEI, and SEL wokeism on our state’s campuses.  Hardister apparently digs all of that woke nonsense.


Oh, goody.  More tax money getting flushed.

History education needs more than another venue for commie propaganda.  Harvester’s bills play right into the hands of the race hustlers slithering around NC politics.

In this civil rights education nonsense, we won’t hear a word about James Meredith.  He was the first black student to enroll in a majority-white university.  Meredith went on to become a conservative scholar and aide to US Senator Jesse Helms.  Medgar Evers?  His kids have all grown up to be conservative Republicans.  MLK’s daughter Alveda, also a reverend, has developed into quite a conservative scholar and orator.

We won’t hear much about distinguished scholar Dr. Thomas Sowell — who by the way has NC roots.  He put together an amazing study which revealed the biggest and most brutal practitioners of the slave trade  were Arabs and black Africans.  

None of that stuff is helpful to the race hustlers excited by Hardister’s bill.

Does anyone in their right mind think we have not heard enough about MLK?  We’ve even got pop stars — U2 — elevating him in song to the same level as Jesus Christ. MLK has his own holiday.  George Washington and Abraham Lincoln used to have their own.

People who were in their teens in the 50s and 60s — pre- and post-civil rights legislation — will tell you that all-black performers and bands provided the soundtrack to all of their school dances and frat parties. Those same people will also tell you that life at that time was nowhere near how Hollywood and the professional left likes to portray it.  Race is a bigger deal NOW than it was THEN.

I am willing to bet that most recent graduates can’t ID all of the guys on our money AND tell you WHY they are famous. I’ve taught and tutored recent K-12 graduates.  So many of those kids could not tell me which came first — Pearl Harbor or the Great Depression.  I encountered many who couldn’t give details of the Pearl Harbor attack or the events which led to the Depression.  (And Hardister wants to hit them with Uighurs and Myanmar.)

The race hustlers of today want to define any white male who lived prior to 1865 as a racist not worthy of any consideration.

Why look at white males or black people?  Why not study American history PERIOD?  Why is it so important to focus on “the first black,” “the first woman,” or “the first Hispanic”?  Why can’t we simply celebrate the person in question’s achievement?

*I vaguely remember someone talking about placing the content of one’s character above the color of one’s skin.*

Folks excited by the Hardister bill are excited because it focuses on a time in American history when the Left was on the ascent in America.  There has been some bad — offset by a lot of good — throughout American history.  All of those people who came through Ellis Island — well before the LBJ welfare explosion — came to America for SOME reason.

Marxism thrives on dividing people.  Marxism is all about a struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. That’s been replaced in modern times with a struggle between The Oppressors (white men) and The Oppressed (everybody else).  Marxism now has new names — DEI, CRT or SEL.

Diversity and Inclusion sound so sweet, eh?   However, the people pushing it don’t define those two words like we do.

Someone once said those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  The tactics practiced by the race hustlers and DEI fans are frightening similar to what was done by the Chinese communists, Castro’s Cuban commies, Lenin’s Bolsheviks and the Ayatollahs when they all first came to power.

Republicans have really and truly become the Stupid Party if they’ve decided to play this race hustle game.