NCGOPe hops on “DEMONIZE WHITEY” bandwagon

I guess THIS is what they were talking about when we were being told how *GREAT* a Republican majority / supermajority would be:

The House Majority Whip — Jon Hardister — is a sponsor and the vice-chairman of the House Freedom Caucus – Ben Moss – is one of the, um, *heavyweights* behind this.  There you have it — your potential new Labor Commissioner in action. 

It seems like every time we turn around Roy Cooper and Joe Biden voters are tearing down a statue somewhere.  Why in the hell are we shelling out money toward erecting MORE?

We already have a tax-funded Human Relations Commission overseeing celebrations of MLK.  Why not just expand its role? Why not leave this job to the NC Museum of History?  Why has this got to be a new state commission loaded up with taxpayer money?

Where does it stop?  The women’s history commission?  A commission for every letter in the acronym LGBTQ+ ? 

What will define “history”?  We’re already seeing Civil War history  being, um *white-washed* and locked away. 

You can see where this thing is headed.  Hardister and the gang are getting  behind it all over white guilt.  The *usual suspects* will be appointed to this commission and the volume on the whitey-demonization will be cranked up to TEN.