Sandhills Community College VP headed for national DEI – CRT lovefest

We’ve told you about the Neo-Marxist crap that John Dempsey, Larry Caddell and George Little helped infest our beloved local community college with. 

Well, it looks like one of the Sandhills Community College bigwigs is off to a huge national confab celebrating the aforementioned crap:

[…] The Aspen Institute College Excellence Program and Sandhills Community College announced that Sandhills Community College Vice President of Instruction Julie Voigt is one of 35 leaders selected for the 2023-24 Aspen Rising Presidents Fellowship class. This program, delivered in collaboration with the Stanford Educational Leadership Initiative, prepares the next generation of community college presidents to transform institutions to achieve higher and more equitable levels of student success.[….] 

‘Equitable’ is a Marxist buzzword.  It often gets confused with equality.  Treating people equally is a nice thing.  Who wouldn’t be in favor of that?

Unfortunately, these people are talking about EQUITY which involves redistributing wealth or benefits from those who HAVE to those who DO NOT HAVE or DO NOT HAVE AS MUCH.   That’s a key component of Karl Marx’s gospel.  Sadly, it’s a key component behind the administration of public education in most parts of our country as well.

The neo-Marxist philosophy DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) is in place and going strong at Sandhills Community College. 

The basic rule-of-thumb behind DEI is to strike back at the ‘oppressors’ — typically straight, white, religious men — to the benefit of ‘the oppressed’ – usually everybody else.   Courses are structured to hammer home the point that the white man has been terrible to everybody else and must therefore be shamed or punished. DEI also affects staffing, hiring, and admissions at schools all over the country.

One visit to the Aspen Rising Presidents Fellowship website  tells you all you need to know about this group:










Race and gender clearly matter a whole lot to these people. (It will be interesting to see if this woman is a finalist for the Sandhills president vacancy.)

The Aspen Institute seems fine with the idea of purposely favoring men over women and EVERYONE ELSE over white people.

I guess MLK’s whole “content of their character” over “the color of their skin” thing  truly is now old-hat.