House bills send a MSG: NO ESG

Environmental, Social, and Governance.

ESG is a relatively new policy being adopted all over the world.  It examines a company or individual’s commitment to leftist views on the environment, “social justice,” and corporate governance.  The ESG score you or your business earns can go a long way toward determining whether or not you get hired, get awarded some business, or get financing.

Profits and overall business performance don’t mean a thing for folks using ESG to make their decisions.  (*Have you given “too much” money to conservative candidates or causes?  Too bad for you.*)  Straight out of the Karl Marx playbook.

Well, two pieces of legislation recently introduced in the state House by our newly-obtained GOP supermajority aim to curb the use of ESG within the state of North Carolina. 

House Bill 784 cracks down on the use of ESG in the decision-making processes of North Carolina’s financial institutions.

House Bill 750 tackles the use of ESG in state government business:

Before you get too excited — neither of these has been approved by the full House as of yet. Though, they are both important signs that we are getting through to folks on Jones Street.

This is the kind of stuff Republicans needed to have been introducing all along.  Make Governor Doofus veto it, and then use it against him when you make your case to the people.

ESG was a big part of the reason that Signature Bank and Silicon Valley Bank crashed and failed. It’s bad for investors.  It’s bad for consumers.  It’s just bad.