Jeter-gram for Mr. Haymaker!

Oh, look.  Once, again — I’ve got mail: mail

Date: August 11, 2016

To: Mecklenburg County Republican Party Executive Committee

From: Claire Mahoney, Chairman

In accordance with the Mecklenburg County Republican Party Plan of Organization, Article V.C.2 notice is hereby given that a special meeting of the Mecklenburg Republican Executive Committee will be held:

Date: Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Time: 6:30pm – Registration

7:00pm – Meeting begins

Place: Charlotte/Mecklenburg Government Center, Chamber Room 28

Address: 600 E. Fourth St., Charlotte, NC, 28262

(Parking is available in the lot on Davidson, across the street from the side entrance)

As per Article XV.B of the Mecklenburg County Republican Party Plan of Organization, the purpose of the meeting is to recommend to the Governor the name of an individual to fill the vacancy created by Representative Charles Jeter’s resignation from House District 92 seat, which was effec1000x1000px-LL-23c7dd9f_0412-alex-karras-blazing-saddles-11tive as of July 25, 2016, and to select a person to fill the vacancy in the Republican nomination for House District 92. No other business may be considered at this meeting.

Per the Plan of Organization only those members who reside in District 92 may vote. However, please make your best effort to attend even if you do not live in this district – we will a need quorum of the Executive Committee as a whole, as well as for those members who reside in House District 92, to conduct the business at hand.


Claire Mahoney

Chairman, Mecklenburg County Republican Party


8 thoughts on “Jeter-gram for Mr. Haymaker!

  1. Davis should have this locked up. He lost to Jeter in the primary by a hair splitting margin. And Davis has the support of anti-toll GOP county commissioner Jim Puckett that whose district overlapps the legislative district.

    1. I think they should have the meeting in the district but yea who wants to have to drive up I77 either but going downtown is almost just as bad. They seriously need cake and ice cream for these things

  2. Hey it is not just a Jeter-Gram but Grandpa and company it seems sent out letters for this meeting by Certified Mail at a cost of $3.77 nice to know that you money you donate is being spent conservatively maybe some law states that it has to be certified but the mecklenburg excom just did this process what like a week after the state convention to fill another seat and the letter for that meeting did not make the mail lady ring the door bell and wake me up from a Saturday afternoon nap and give my X on a slip of paper.

    pretty crazy really for a member of the board not in the district. Yea I understand that you need quorum of the whole board and then also of the district

    but seriously when the party calls a meeting to oust its chairman they did not go to this much trouble to call the meeting. If they wanted to make sure we all attend maybe they could send uber’s for us so we do not have to drive downtown during the end of rush hour

    1. That is really strange. In other vacancy situations, the NCGOP under Dallas Woodhouse has pooh-poohed the rules and even defended local party leaders when they blatantly defied the clear provisions of the Plan of Organization, as they did in Pitt County. Notice for the meeting to fill the vacancy there was woefully short of the required time that had to be given, yet Woodhouse told everyone it was okay and was even in the newspaper and on radio defending the blatant rule violation. That was all done to get a particular person appointed, which had TIm Moore’s stamp of approval. It is almost laughable how they suckered the county GOP chairman into going along and actually leading the charge for their fraud.

      This having to have a quorum of the whole board in addition to a quorum of those entitled to vote also seems to be something new. I wonder what is up with that? I don’t recall that having been done with either the Pitt or Davidson vacancies, for example.

      1. well I think is it is strange even if it is the rules……… all I know is a few months ago when Scott Stone was voted in to house seat 105 that is how it was done except I really do not remember getting a certified letter for that one but then again all my junk mail comes in certified so I might have just lost track

  3. Puckett should be the nominee. He’s better known than Davis. Versed in mores issues than just tolls.

  4. Lulz, Patrick you’re applying too much logic and sensible thinking to party operations.

    I have mosty tuned out from Mecklenburg insider stuff after fleeing the county, but it was interesting to see that Claire became chairman for the county org. I bet nobody else really wanted it, and she felt compelled to step up and try and hold things together.

    1. I cannot wait to flee the county one day. Living in Charlotte you get a glimpse of what the hell would be like. This city gets worse every day

      Saw a hit and run the other day. The other car blocking a major roadway takes cops 30 plus mins to respond. This is the perfect place for criminals to run wild meanwhile the leaders of the city only care about lbgt issues

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