It’s not easy being ORANGE

cryjbJust as we thought.  It’s being reported now that the reason John Boehner hasn’t brought up Mark Meadows’s ”vacate” resolution is that leadership is not confident they have the votes to kill it.

Only two of our TEN Republican House members are supporting the measure — Walter Jones and Meadows.  The Third District GOP has passed a resolution supporting Meadows’s decision to file the resolution and is asking all other Republicans to do so as well.  

The delegation’s other Mark — Walker — is doing quite the tapdance on this issue (”I like Mark Meadows, BUT ….) .  Here’s Walker’s chief of staff:



How did the rest of the delegation react?  Here we go:

[…] “Anyone sitting in Congress watching what’s going on knows Washington politics is broken,” said 13th District Rep. George Holding.

“I understand Mark’s frustration. He’s had disagreements with the leadership on issues, and so have I. And I understand he’s sending the leadership a message loud and clear with his motion to vacate the chair,” Holding said.

“That said, I also understand there’s a big difference between saying ‘I don’t like John Boehner,’ and saying who would make a better Speaker,” Holding said.

Talk about a profile in courage.  (Go back to sleep, George.) sleep

“I agree with Congressman Meadows’ concerns, but I disagree on the process. This isn’t the right tactic,” said 9th District Rep. Robert Pittenger. “When you’re on a team, I don’t think it’s helpful to sit there and throw rocks at your leadership. That doesn’t move the ball down the field at all.”

House Republicans “have been a firewall against President Obama’s radical policies,” Pittenger said. “To say that we should flip a switch and turn everything around at once is an unreasonable expectation.”

How so?  What have you stopped?  ObamaCare? Amnesty? What? 

“I’ve never found it wise to publicly discuss any matter pertaining to a fellow colleague. Furthermore, it’s critically important that we don’t get distracted from the real issues at hand,” said 7th District Rep. David Rouzer.

“In September we will take the most significant vote that has come before Congress in recent memory. Our focus throughout August should be on the administration’s horrific agreement with Iran,” Rouzer said. “If Congress does not defeat this agreement, there will be severe consequences for all of us — and every generation to come.”

Kinda like amnesty and ObamaCare, huh? 

Rep. Richard Hudson of the 8th District did not respond to a request for comment. He did tell Bloomberg News that he opposed Meadows’ resolution, agreeing with Rouzer that it would divert attention from the Iran agreement.

The remaining members of the Republican congressional delegation — Reps. Renee Ellmers, 2nd District; Mark Walker, 6th District; and Patrick McHenry, 10th District, did not respond to requests for comment.kermit

Hmmm. It’s pretty important for the voters of the Second District to know how their representative feels about the caliber of John Boehner’s leadership.  Does Renee believe he’s doing great, and needs to stay in place?  I wonder what Jim Duncan thinks about all of this?

“Representative Meadows has said he wants to have a ‘family discussion’ about making sure all Republican voices are heard. If that was his intent, he should have brought his concerns before the House Republican Conference instead of publicly dividing the party, which only helps Democrats and hurts conservatives,” Foxx said.

House Republicans “will continue to advance conservative solutions that build an opportunity economy, empowering all Americans to pursue their own future, reach their full potential, and achieve a better life,” Foxx said.

I wonder what Pattie Curran thinks about those comments.

Try as they might, the GOPe will have a tough time selling this “vacate” idea as extremist.  I’ve run across people nowhere near as conservative as I am, who range from indifferent about Boehner to wanting to ride him out of town on a rail.  The honorables may be trying to protect their campaign cash and committee assignments, but having Boehner’s six is not about looking out for the people back home.  Don’t let them kid you.


12 thoughts on “It’s not easy being ORANGE

  1. One of the reasons they tabled the “dump Boehner” movement until after the August recess is they don’t have the votes to keep Boehner in the speakership. Hopefully, Republican House members will get an earful from their constituents over the recess, and dump RINO John when they return.
    I’d love to see Trey Gowdy in that position!

  2. A big thanks to those trying to oust the current Speaker. Good for you. Outstanding! Keep up the good work patriots!

    Recommendation from an old navigational chart I blew some dust off of: Bang the trashcan lids together has hard, as often, and as loud as you can, blow the trumpets, point fingers, blow the whistle, get a megaphone and marching band cranked up if need be and keep it up until the Obama Republican is gone.

    The leadership should recognize they’re not supposed to be a cheerleader for Emperor Obama and his willing enabler but to offer the public a change of course in public policy strengthening our Consitutional Republic.

    For the rest of you weak sisters and usual suspects, Lunch is on me. Be looking for a can or two of Puss N’ Boots cat food to arrive at your offices soon.

    For goodness sakes Grow a Pair!

  3. I noticed George Holding is doing a Facebook Town hall, tomorrow @6:30. Dodge and deflect….

    1. As has been posted elsewhere, Holding has no excuse for supporting Boehner. A delegation of County Party leaders trooped into his office late last year and told him Boehner was toxic with his constituents. Another poster boy for why the Party needs to ditch the Primary and go the caucus route.

      As for Rouzer, everyone in the 7th had reason to know that he was an establishment hack coming out of the State legislature, so the 7th GOP can’t claim they didn’t know what they were getting.

  4. Great piece, I recommend reading the full piece –

    These observations led Levin to conclude that above all else, “The one thing the Republican Party can do is insist that its leaders resign.”
    When asked whether he thought the efforts to oust Boehner as Speaker — such as those led by Congressman Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) — would prove successful, Levin was not overly optimistic:

    Probably not, but to me that doesn’t matter. You have to start a movement, a force, an effort somewhere. If this were easy, John Boehner wouldn’t be Speaker right now. I expect the entrenched Republicans to do everything they can to trash someone like Meadows… because they are protecting the system, they are part of the system, and [Meadows is] challenging it.

  5. Of course Ellmers’ refused to comment. She hitched her political future from day 1 to Boehner and the House GOP leaders, NOT the people of NC2. And, she needs her paycheck.

    Come on Renee…….please enlighten us on John Boehner’s accomplishments as speaker!

    We all know that he and you have been nothing but rubber stamps for Obama’s America-destroying agenda.

  6. I hope legislators are also thinking about who they would like to elect as the next Speaker…..

  7. A trite statement often heard from those elected is ” Politics is a team sport”. My friends, defending the U S Constitution and all it stands for is no DAMN GAME!

    The front line of defense was breached as a result of the 2008 Presidential election. Currently the house and barn are on fire and there are elected officials throwing gas instead of water on it. How insulting to all “at heart Americans”

    1. If politics is a team sport, you certainly do not want your team captain playing for the other side, and that is exactly what Obama Republican John Boehner has been doing. Benedict Arnold Boehner needs to be dumped, and so do any GOP congressmen in our delegation who support him.

      The refusal to fight Obama and instead just enabling his liberal programs by Boehner and McConnell is disgusting the GOP voter base. When Boehner ws re-elected, the polls were showing that Republican voters by more than a three to one margin wanted Boehner replaced by a different GOP Speaker, but our Republican Congressmen sold out their Republican constituents by reelecting Boehner.

  8. I can’t speak for Pattie Curran, but she has spoken about this herself. Go to Pattie Curran on Facebook or to hear her own words. She stands behind all Congressmen who stand up for #TeamWeThePeople to break down that Washington Cartel that keeps making things better for themselves with the status quo and strangles their constituents.

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