Forget that national security stuff! (We’ve got junk science to implement.)

windWe are getting more than our fair share of business — and controversy — from Spain.  Cintra is at the center of a furious protest over the private management of toll roads in Mecklenburg County.  Now, a group called Iberdrola is behind a huge wind power deal in northeastern North Carolina  being (1) fast-tracked by the Obama administration, (2) praised by the McCrory administration, and (3) questioned by military officials.

Iberdrola broke ground on the project July 14 near Elizabeth City — with Gov. Pat McCrory on-site:

[…] “The Amazon Wind Farm takes a significant step toward diversifying North Carolina’s energy resources,” said Governor McCrory. “Bringing onshore wind production to North Carolina is part of my ‘all of the above’ energy strategy. By diversifying our energy resources, we can provide affordable, reliable, and secure sources of energy that are environmentally clean and safe.” […] 

O-Kay.  Now, what’s got the military so concerned?  Well, they have a specialized radar facility right in that vicinity (known as ROTHR technology) charged with keeping watch on the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and parts of Latin America.  According to the Army Corps of Engineers, the military has determined that ROTHR facilities need to be located at least 28 miles from any tall structures in order to operate interference-free and at their maximum potential. 

The Iberdrola project involves constructing a total of 104 wind turbines standing 500 feet tall on a site just FOURTEEN MILES  from the radar facility. (Remember, the military says they need at least 28 miles clearance to operate effectively.) 

We’ve got a bit of a pattern going here.  The state excitedly promotes and fast-tracks projects (Charlotte tolls and this wind farm) by Spanish firms.  Both projects generate some controversy and criticism (Charlotte protests, concerns from military on this one) that appear to be simply ignored by the politicians and bureaucrats.


4 thoughts on “Forget that national security stuff! (We’ve got junk science to implement.)

  1. Do we know the relative position of the Amazon wind genereation site to the ROTHR site? If ROTHR is south, west, or southwest of the Amazon site does the military still need 14 miles of clearance? If all they are monitoring is south of them then tall structures to the north may not interfere. Should the military way up in NC, monitoring activities way down in Latin America and the Gulf of Mexico, be telling private companies what to do on private land?

    1. Now I see the map that shows the ROTHR site must be north of the Amazon planned structures – on private land.

  2. When the Obama administration is wasting our military resources to pay $29 per gallon for alternative fuels, it is no surprise they screw our defense like this in favor of radical environmentalists.

    Building this wasteful and expensive green energy is also going to kill consumers on their electric bills. All of the politicians who support this are supporting higher electric bills for their constituents.

  3. What we do not hear reported is the thousands of migratory birds (including bald eagles) and bats killed by these windmills every year.
    As Obama guts our military, he is wasting billions on failed (and failing) “green energy” projects. Wait till you see his new proposals on EPA regulations. When he gets done with his war on coal, you’ll be lucky if you can afford to keep one light bulb turned on.
    One lie Obama didn’t tell: “Electricity prices will necessarily skyrocket”.

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