Insurrectionist? Terrorist? Saboteur? (You talking’ to ME ???)

It’s one thing to hear this crap from the lefties and their drive-by media comrades. It’s another to hear it from people supposedly on your side.

Texas congressman Dan Crenshaw(R) called the 20 conservative holdouts in the speaker vote “terrorists.”  (*Seriously?*)

Two Fox & Friends bubblehead co-hosts took turns labeling the conservative holdouts “insurrectionists” and “saboteurs.”

Radio host Mark Levin referred to the holdouts as “saboteurs.”  Mike Huckabee suggested the holdouts were “hostage” takers.

We all saw Alabama’s Mike Rogers (R) attempt to physically attack holdout Matt Gaetz (R) of Florida on the House floor.

These guys are supposed to be friends of those of us on the right.  The holdouts were asking for things like guarantees conservatives could have a voice in crafting the rules for the upcoming session, and mandating that only balanced budgets could be voted on in the House.  *Radical stuff like that.*

These people LOVE us at election time, but really really really want us to go away all other times.

It’s great to have debates about the direction of the party. It’s actually not a bad idea to ensure that GOP leaders will stand by the party platform.  It’s a shame they have to be MADE to do so.  Ten percent of the House caucus stood up for the party platform and showed concern for the future of the country.  The rest of the crew, The Kevin fan club, was motivated by greed: committee assignments and access to special interest money. 

Back in 2015, prospective speaker Kevin McCarthy was radioactive and untouchable. Now, he’s the savior of the Republican Party.  The *ONLY* one who can do the speaker job.

It’s amazingly like what happened to Joe Biden between 1987 and 2008.

Dan Bishop and others are seeing the written agreement with McCarthy to end the stalemate as a great thing.  I am not so sure.  The people around McCarthy are some of the most untrustworthy people you’ll ever encounter.  They’ll rip up that agreement, wipe their posteriors with it, the first chance they get.

How are we supposed to work as a team with people who clearly have so much contempt for conservatives?  

We’ve seen this before in 1964 — the defeated Rockefeller Republicans took their marbles, went home, and formed ‘Republicans For Johnson’ PACs. In 1980, establishment Republicans got behind congressman John Anderson as an independent candidate against Reagan and Carter in the general election. Where was all the concern then about sabotaging the interests of the party?