Bishop helping to spearhead probe into weaponization of fed lawmen

I caught Tucker interviewing Thomas Massie (R) of Kentucky the other night.  Massie has been tapped to head up a committee digging into the FBI and CIA’s roles in domestic politics.  Of course, the January 6 fiasco will be getting a hard look, says Massie.

The congressman mentioned that Dan Bishop and Jim Jordan have been working closely with him to get the whole ball rolling.  That’s a trio right there I can get behind.

What can this committee do?  The Biden DOJ won’t help.  There won’t be any sense of accountability.  Ted Cruz has been hammering away at the FBI. They regularly send some dingbat female lawyer to him to smirk and say ‘no comment’ a lot.  Who’s going to punish her?

The RINO “leadership” in the House and Senate likely will find its work “too divisive.”  Most drive-bys will ignore it — unlike the eagle-eyed attention they gave that ridiculous Democrat show committee.

But it will get the true story out there. Eventually. There is all kinds of alternative media out there ready to disseminate the committee’s findings.  We’ve been buried in bullshit about all this for far too long.

I swear.  Dan Bishop is the only thing worth a damn in our entire congressional delegation. The rest are useless bottom-feeding cash-chasers who wouldn’t know a principle if it strolled up and slapped them in the face.