Huh? What? A listening tour?

The campaign silly season is upon us.  Politicians are running all over the countryside kissing babies and telling us how bad the other guys are.

Thanks to the Tea Party — which the MSM loves to tell us is so extreme, racist, hated, etc. — Republicans were swept into power in North Carolina in historic proportions.  Voters were angry at The Establishment — mostly the Perdue and Obama-hugging Dem incumbents — and demanded radical change: spending cuts, tax cuts, and overall downsizing of government.  Sounds pretty crystal clear, doesn’t it?

Now, we have this phenomenon of “listening tours” popping up among North Carolina Republicans.  Pat McCrory — the presumptive GOP nominee for Governor of North Carolina — is encouraging people to tell him what he needs to do, if he is elected to the BIG HOUSE in Raleigh.  Now, House Speaker Thom Tillis is running around the state on a listening tour.

What?  You can’t get a clue from the fact that all of those GOP candidates running in 2010 on a platform of tax cuts and smaller government won by landslides?  How about all of those marches and rallies by average, ordinary folks angry about taxes, bureaucracy, and an unresponsive arrogant government? Did any of that set off any alarm bells for you guys?

I know. Some consultant probably told these guys that a listening tour is a great idea.  (Look at what it did for Hillary Clinton.)  It helps raise your name ID, and gets you lots of extra media exposure.

Rumors are swirling that Tillis is contemplating a run against Senator Kay Hagan.  The timing of this listening tour suggests that perhaps he is looking at jumping in the GOP primary for governor.  (Makes sense.  He does have a wee  bit of experience with combat inside the beltline.)

Great leaders don’t go running up to little old ladies in the shopping mall and ask: “What should I do?”

Great leaders have passion for certain ideas and do a great job of inspiring the people to support them as they pursue the task of making those ideas a reality.  (See: Reagan, Ronald.) 

The NCGOP and their leaders need to be preaching the gospel of the free market, lower taxes, and smaller government to the masses across this state.  Far too many in the state see elections as nothing more than trading our appropriators for their appropriators.  Inspire the people — make them believe that conservatism is the way to go.

Let the people know there IS a difference between the two parties.  One wants to keep you angry and dependent on government.  The other wants to knock the weight of government off your back, and turn you loose to work as hard as you want, be as successful as you want, and as wealthy as you want.