Heritage Action, activists turning up the heat in ObamaCare defund fight

obamacare2Congress is in summer recess.  Typically, members go home to their districts and states to hold town hall meetings and brief the voters on happenings in DC.  Strangely, very few pols are holding court with the voters this time around.

When they come back to DC, Congress will vote on a continuing resolution to keep the government running — because they STILL, after four years, cannot produce a budget.  Opponents of ObamaCare, led by Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) in the Senate and Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) in the House, see the continuing resolution as the last best chance to put the kibosh on ObamaCare before it lowers the boom on our economy.  These opponents want Members of Congress to pledge NOT to support any spending measure that includes funding for ObamaCare.  President Obama has pledged to veto any spending bill that comes to him with ObamaCare funding stripped out.  An awful lot of Republicans, who got elected after promising to kill ObamaCare, are refusing to back the Lee-Meadows effort, expressing fears about a government shutdown and what could happen at the polls in 2014.  

Heritage Action and other Tea Party-aligned groups are jumping into the fray on the side of Lee & Meadows.  Heritage Action activists are organizing ObamaCare town halls across the Carolinas.  The sessions will go forward even if no elected officials show up.  (One is already set for Wilmington on August 27.)    Moore TEA Citizens, the state’s largest Tea Party group, is hosting an informational session on the defunding of Obamacare on August 12 in Southern Pines.

Heritage Action’s website features a great post on all of the excuses being thrown out there by Republicans who don’t want to join the defund fight and provides great counter-arguments to those excuses.