#hayesscandal: Did NCGOP $$$ finance (alleged) criminal activity?


The indictment documents against state Republican Party chairman Robin Hayes and three others specifically mention meetings among the alleged conspirators at the Statesville Airport (“on or about March 5, 2018”) and at the Concord Regional Airport (“on or about February 14, 2018”, top of page 7 of the indictment).


Concord is Robin Hayes’s hometown.  Campaign  filings for the NCGOP show repeated  entries for “fuel for private aircraft.”  It is known that Hayes owns a private aircraft which is believed to be kept at said airport.



NCGOP campaign filings indicate two separate entries / payments — one for $878.10 and one for $859.39 —  for “fuel for private aircraft” on February 13, 2018.  That would certainly fit into the time frame set by federal investigators of “on or about February 14, 2018”.


Were two planes filled up on that day?  Hayes’s and possibly one belonging to the other alleged conspirators reported to be at the meeting?   Whose plane got gas — thanks to the NCGOP — on that day?  (Did anyone involved in this meeting fly on the plane that got said fuel? )


If it was anyone involved in this charlie-foxtrot, that’s a problem.



NCGOP campaign filings also show that Hayes was reimbursed for “travel, mileage, expenses” by NCGOP to the tune of $1620.61 on March 19, 2018.  That could certainly cover events federal investigators say occurred in Statesville “on or about March 5, 2018.”


It certainly would be interesting to know where Hayes was — and what he was doing — to justify the payments and reimbursements from NCGOP HQ on the dates in question.


And is there someone — other than the party treasurer who got stumped and bamboozled by Harnett County’s finances — to help us figure this out?