#hayesscandal: Did the NCGOP PAY for an out-and-out LIE?


Look at what hit certain mailboxes across the state — dated the same day as the Robin Hayes et. al.  federal indictments.   


(Click on the link above  to view the actual documents. Zoom in to read page 2.)  It’s a letter from Robin Hayes the defendant   claiming he’s not running for reelection because of his doctor’s concerns about his recovery from hip surgery.  And there’s NOT ONE WORD about the FIVE indictments he got slapped with on the same day this letter was dated.  (*Surely, THEY had SOMETHING to do with the decision to not run for reelection.*)


If that was true, and the doctor REALLY wanted Robin to work on  his health, he would have advised him to resign NOW.  It can’t possibly help your recovery to keep “working” for another two months.



The part that really chafes me is the disclaimer at the bottom that says “PAID FOR BY NORTH CAROLINA REPUBLICAN PARTY.”


Yes, ladies and gentlemen.  It appears party money was used to spread a falsehood and provide cover for the fact that the state party chairman was within hours of getting  SLAPPED with –count ’em — FIVE criminal indictments.  (The most of anyone involved in the scandal, thus far.)


Are we really supposed to believe that NO ONE at party headquarters knew Hayes was going to be indicted and making his first court appearance on the day this letter was dated and shipped out?   Not even Hayes?



As the party’s fearless leader, Hayes had an obligation to put the kibosh on wasteful spending like this that appears styled to FOOL party activists from Murphy to Manteo.


I don’t know how anyone could believe that something like the indictment and court appearance could be hidden, and that Hayes could simply fade off into the sunset under the guise of “physical therapy.”   I guess it illustrates just how stupid the powers that be at NCGOP think we are.