#hayesscandal: Dallas met with grand jury in December


At least THAT is what he told McClatchy’s man in DC:


How does he know he’s not a target?  You usually don’t get told such things.

I STILL want to know WHO, representing the party, emailed the screen shot of the wire transfer confirmation to Hayes  “the defendant” and the other indictees.    Dallas, treasurer Jason Lemons, and assistant treasurer Zak Crotts are the big three on staff who would have the authority to do something like that.


3 thoughts on “#hayesscandal: Dallas met with grand jury in December

  1. It seems like Dallas does not find this situation in the MECKGOP problematic either based on his quote in this article #EthicsMatter just because it is legal does not make it right

    With Chairman Hayes indictment in his whole unethical situation it is time that the MECKGOP gets a strong look at its own actions that look corrupt. On the surface it clearly looks like the delegates voted for a chairman for a bribe #ChairmanBribery

  2. The guy got on camera and spoke to us like he was teaching third graders how to use “math” to subtract election fraud from the equation.

  3. If Woodhouse appeared before a grand jury in December, the party knew about this problem at least then, and it was probably earlier, like November or October. If these “leaders” cared about the party instead of just themselves, the resignation of Hayes should have been arranged months ago. This would have allowed a proper succession within the party, and when this scandal broke, Hayes could already be in the past tense as an ex-chairman, which at least would not have looked quite as bad.

    These “leaders” threw the party under the bus while looking out only for themselves. That includes Hayes, Woodhouse, and party counsel John Lewis. None of them deserves any position of influence within the party.

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