#hayesscandal Causey: More indictments?


That’s what the man at the center of the Robin Hayes scandal is suggesting:


Federal indictments against the chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, a top political donor and two of his associates on bribery charges could be just the beginning of the scandal that’s rocked the state’s political landscape once again.


“There could be more indictments to come,” said Republican Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey, the public official who the four are accused of trying to bribe.“We don’t know what may happen. And with a case this complex and complicated, it may takes months and months and months or years to get everything sorted out.” […]


Ruh-roh.  (*That’s right, Hillsborough Street crew.  Keep acting like this is about rehab for Robin “the defendant .”*)






[…] Hayes, a former congressman, relinquished his control of the state party Wednesday, tapping Aubrey Woodard to serve as acting chairman.[…]


“Relinquished control?”  NOT EXACTLY.  He basically is letting a handful of others do his job FOR HIM.




[…] That move was not enough for at least one member of the NC GOP central committee who called for Hayes to resign. Others called for the same thing, though the state party’s lack of succession plans and complex meeting rules made resigning less of an option, several Republican officials said.


“He should in the interest of the party divorce himself completely from the party,” said Carl Mischka, the GOP chairman in the 3rd District. “Robin’s got to resign. We’ve got to be able to create a distance between his indictment and the party and go on with the party work.” […] 


Longtime Republican strategist Carter Wrenn said it would be best for the party and for Hayes if he stepped aside.


“A volcano eruption, you don’t know where it leads,” he said. “Whether it is for the Republicans across the state, you don’t know that yet. As far as the state party goes, this qualifies as a volcano eruption.”[…]