#hayesscandal: Mike Causey is a hero and a role model.


If you’re thinking about entering public service, take a good hard look at Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey as an example of someone to emulate.    Someone apparently came to him with a scheme that sounded unethical and possibly illegal.   He could have said “No thanks!” and simply moved on.  But he stepped up and did his part to try and preserve good government.


In this day and age, that takes courage.   In politics, too much importance is placed on getting along with your fellow pols and ensuring they “like” you — when your actual job is looking out for the people who elected you.


Causey could have fretted about the harm that might come to his beloved NCGOP.  But would the NCGOP look after him if he needed them?  Treasurer Dale Folwell is — and has been  — getting savaged by a whole lot of folks in his own party for daring to do what he believed was right, and what he promised his voters he would do.


I’ve been astounded at the amount of grumbling I’ve heard about Causey.  Rather liberal use of the words “snitch” and “rat” when discussing him.  What about K.D. Kennedy’s words about this all being bigger than ONE PERSON?  About it being bigger than a party?  About it being about IDEAS?


We ought to stand strong for conservatism.  We ought to stand strong for honest, clean government.  I’d rather have FOUR clean legislators than 72 bought-and-paid-for dirty ones.


If you’re new to politics, or eyeing an entry into the game, take a good hard look at the career of Dale Folwell and the manner in which Mike Causey has conducted himself during the Hayes scandal.


THAT is how it’s done.