#hayesscandal: Mike Causey is a hero and a role model.


If you’re thinking about entering public service, take a good hard look at Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey as an example of someone to emulate.    Someone apparently came to him with a scheme that sounded unethical and possibly illegal.   He could have said “No thanks!” and simply moved on.  But he stepped up and did his part to try and preserve good government.


In this day and age, that takes courage.   In politics, too much importance is placed on getting along with your fellow pols and ensuring they “like” you — when your actual job is looking out for the people who elected you.


Causey could have fretted about the harm that might come to his beloved NCGOP.  But would the NCGOP look after him if he needed them?  Treasurer Dale Folwell is — and has been  — getting savaged by a whole lot of folks in his own party for daring to do what he believed was right, and what he promised his voters he would do.


I’ve been astounded at the amount of grumbling I’ve heard about Causey.  Rather liberal use of the words “snitch” and “rat” when discussing him.  What about K.D. Kennedy’s words about this all being bigger than ONE PERSON?  About it being bigger than a party?  About it being about IDEAS?


We ought to stand strong for conservatism.  We ought to stand strong for honest, clean government.  I’d rather have FOUR clean legislators than 72 bought-and-paid-for dirty ones.


If you’re new to politics, or eyeing an entry into the game, take a good hard look at the career of Dale Folwell and the manner in which Mike Causey has conducted himself during the Hayes scandal.


THAT is how it’s done.

13 thoughts on “#hayesscandal: Mike Causey is a hero and a role model.

  1. God Bless Mike. There are still true public servants. Proud to call him friend! #DaoudCrowd

  2. Thank God for a man with good strong morals, who stands against corruption. Thank you Mike for being that man.

  3. Brant; the only issue I have with your column is when you wrote Dale is doing what he thinks is is right. I believe it is what any decent person would do.

    The NC GOP did not give one care about the Insurance Commissioner race back in 16. Mr. Causey was given 240,000 times the money he was given on an off year than when he actually needed money. The damn NCGOP would not even help him with email addresses and set up. Of course he will think something is up and it would not be good for the citizens of this state. In this case it would be Lindberg’s policy holders.

  4. I am thankful for stalwarts like Mike Causy and Dale Folwell, Republicans who do what they think is right doing that. It has been said that I believe Chairman Hayes has to resign to allow space between himself and the Party for the good of the NCGOP. He is indicted, not convicted, and I feel bad for him but no one knows where this will lead and a I further believe a thorough revamp of the party hiarchy is in order. Who knew what and when can be left up to the feds, we need to preserve the good that the NCGOP is and serve our members, donors and the people of NC

  5. Mike Causey and Dale Folwell are two of the few who actually make me proud to be a Republican. Robin Hayes and his supporters have never made me proud. Praying we elect a leader who makes us all proud in June at the convention–Jim Womack!

  6. #EthicsMatter next time people stand up in a republican meeting and question something people need to pause long enough to figure out what that person is trying to point out and ask questions until it is clarified. This is how you keep the party ethical and keep scandal away from the R on our voter card

  7. I have known Mike Causey for at least 18 years. He is a hero.
    I have been a Beaufort County Commissioner since 1996. A lot of people do not like me at all and a lot of people do. The issue is always over the truth and integrity. Lying has become a way of life.
    If one cannot point out the honor in a politician or political leader , there must not be honor in them.

  8. It’s so rare to see truly upright politicians. Kudos to Mike and Dale for taking the arrows of being rare and ethical.

  9. Mike Causey and Dale Folwell both are honorable men. It takes men of integrity to take on the establishment and bring them to their knees. I am proud to call both of these men “friend”.

  10. If Causey is the fine upstanding official as stated here, that is great. And refreshing. I believe this thing is not over yet. Who knows if another shoe is to fall. But I caution…..my sources and those who deal with this sort all the time say, more times than not, the person who wears the wire has cut a deal to save his own skin, or lessen his punishment. I hope that’s not true in this case.

    So ‘rat’ and ‘snitch’ don’t apply, but I’m not sure ‘hero’ does yet. I hope so.

    Lastly, it struck me when I read the indictment that several of the clandestine meetings were at airports. And I thought of the plane refuelings paid for by the GOP for the plane, as chronicled right here on Brant’s blog.

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