Hate “hate” or WE will HATE YOU! (Got it?)

I am enjoying Tucker Carlson’s new mini-shows on Twitter.  He spoke on one recent episode about how we USED to know what a crime was.  It was pretty well spelled out in the law.  Now, we’re told that thoughts are crimes.  Our senile and scummy fearless leader in DC has told us “white supremacy” is our greatest national security threat. (By “white,” I guess he means the color of all that cocaine and fentanyl pouring across our unprotected borders?) 

To Tucker’s point, the definition of “hate” and “white supremacy” are rapidly changing to aid the left’s repression and silencing of opposing views.  The Proud Boys — a conservative law-and-order alternative to violent, radical leftist Antifa led by a dark-skinned Hispanic — have been successfully smeared as “white supremacist.”  I saw a History Channel documentary the other night that equated marching with the Tea Party to going on “midnight rides” with the KKK.

Criticizing Obama?  You’re a hater.  Upset that schools are parading drag queens around your kids?  Hater!

“Hater” is the new “communist.”  Just like no one in the 1950s wanted to be labeled a communist, WHO wants to be labeled a “hater” NOW?  That can cost you business, a job, relationships and other beneficial opportunities.  Corporations cater to the leftist freak show to avoid the dreaded “hater” label.  Being known as a “hater” can cost you with investors and consumers big time.

The Mao-Marx-Mussolini fan club has got quite a successful gig going here.

Here in Moore County, the MMMers have conducted a hostile takeover of a prominent local church.  Brownson Memorial Presbyterian Church used to be a respected conservative congregation in Southern Pines.  Thanks to the arrival of a radical  new young pastor, and the infiltration of some aggressive leftist kooks, the church has become a beachhead for a new radical left offensive on Moore County.  Thanks to an “anonymous” donation of ONE MILLION, the church is now “obligated” to preach the gospel of social justice, Saul Alinsky and Barack Obama throughout the local environs.

A “Coalition for Peace, Love and Justice” has popped up under the auspices of Brownson.  The church has funded and hosted conferences involving Biden DOJ ideologues offering advice on how to “adjust” the attitudes of local officials.

The so-called “coalition” of fringe leftist groups has peddled crazy theories about the December 2022 blackout and two bedsheet banners on US 1 being part of some grand local “hate” conspiracy.  So, the group has decided to peddle resolutions to all local government bodies in Moore County calling for a denunciation of “hate.”

Our joke of a local paper harassed the Town of Vass and Moore County into going along with it. Don’t want to sign?  You are a “tolerater of HATE.”  The Internet will be flooded with pabulum labeling Moore County, North Carolina — and YOUR TOWNS — as a hotbed of HATE.

 If you sign, you are obligated to go along with the coalition’s soon-to-be-announced socialist list of demands.  In this new and wacky world, going along with the Marx-Mao-Mussolini crowd makes you not-a-hater.   *And THAT is where we ALL want to be, right?  (Right?)*

The Village of Pinehurst has apparently developed a backbone against the Brownson-backed revolutionaries.  The village council, at its recent meeting, balked at approving the “hate denunciation” screed.  Why is this needed, some members asked.  Is there evidence we are condoning attacks on people’s race or faith?

Council members Jeff Morgan, Lydia Boesch and “Parachute Pat” Pizzella opposed considering the resolution.  Mayor John Strickland and councilmember Jane Hogeman backed approving it.

Strickland, as a result of the council’s decision, has been attacked on social media. Irony of all ironies — Strickland is a member of the Coalition-backing Brownson Church.  (His wife is retired as one of the church’s associate pastors.) 

Even funnier —  local leftist loudmouth Lowell Simon is a leading voice for The Coalition.  We’ve written about his attacks on Bible-reading Christians. He has lashed out at Pinehurst’s refusal to submit on the resolution by accusing the village of being in league with Arab sheiks.  Yep.  An anti-“hate” activist is attacking “haters” by dangling the Arab boogie-man — SEE LEFT — at us.  (He’s clearly not a golf fan. The USGA has the relationship with Pinehurst.  The PGA is the group merging with Saudi-owned LIV.)

 Nice going, Lowell. 

At some point, we all have to stiffen our spines and tell the “HATE” police to stuff it.  Political disagreements do not equal HATE.  Being unimpressed with Barack Obama does not equal HATE.  Being impressed with Donald Trump does not equal HATE.  Deciding that you want low taxes, small government, tough-on-crime standards, and a school system that actually prepares kids for life DOES NOT MAKE YOU A HATER.

Why not focus on offering solutions and fixing problems that make our communities better for us ALL?  The MMM crowd doesn’t like that.  Their power comes from us being at each other’s throats – assuaging one group’s “anger” by screwing over another group.  Let’s not give them that thrill.