Average IQ in WRAL newsroom dropping like a rock

This time, I think it may have to do with more than the continued employment of Butch Leslie — despite her countless professional ethics lapses in recent years. 

Every time I see AndyPaul Specht’s byline, I am reassured in my assessment of him as one of the dumbest people in the Raleigh media. It’s either an intellect thing, or he is THAT much in the tank for the powers-that-be.  Check this out:

COURT is the place for offering up and or debating “proof.”   A complaint lays out allegations and outlines someone’s path for proceeding.  But proof is usually reserved for presentation to a judge or a jury in a courtroom.  (Perry Mason and Matlock taught us that.) 

Talk to a divorce lawyer.  Separation agreements can be signed, but they can be invalidated really easy with, say, one short sleepover. (In the guest room or other parts of the house.)

Also, YOU did not break this story.  Our site had it up before you guys did. In fact, we had it up early enough where you had time to read it and crib from it. You posted it at 12:12 am today.  We had it up at 10:21 last night.  So, STOP LYING.

You guys can’t stand the fact that our site gets all kinds of great stories despite never setting foot in the legislative building.  You guys live there full time and still don’t get half of what we get.  (Still waiting for you to address tranny-grooming of minors in state-funded teaching hospitals.)

The story WRAL allegedly “broke” did not include much in the way of the real juicy detail.  The allegations of Watergate-style political espionage and trading employment security for sex are BIG DEALS.  That could take us onto the criminal side of things and possibly lead to the early departure of a sitting House speaker.  Yet, WRAL chose to take dictation from the speaker’s lawyers.

I’ve heard talk that the so-called “Capitol press corps” regularly gets threatened with losing their space in the legislative building. I’ve seen some of the drive-by snowflakes moaning on Twitter about loss of turf or movement of turf inside the legislative building.  Could some of this pussy-foot reporting be tied to protecting their turf on Jones Street?