Guess who REALLY digs ‘Public Official A’? (Seriously. Guess.)



It’s no secret that the NCGOPe is trying to cram former congressman Mark Walker down our collective throats as The 2022 GOP nominee for US Senate.  (Even Speaker Timmy has been hauling Walker around his neck of the woods.).


The fundraising letters hitting mailboxes and inboxes this week — signed by former US House speaker Paul Ryan no less — are raising more than a few eyebrows.  Talk about endorsements you’d prefer not to receive in a GOP primary.  Ryan presided over the decline and fall of the GOP majority in the US House.  Instead of staying and fighting to take it back,  Ryan tucked his tail and fled Capitol Hill.

Ryan was openly anti-Trump during the last four years.

Mark Walker was a Greensboro preacher who got elected to fill the big shoes of longtime congressman Howard Coble.  Walker talked a good conservative game.  He promised his soon-to-be constituents that his first official act on The Hill would be to vote against then-speaker John Boehner.  Walker got elected,  moved to Washington, and VOTED FOR Boehner.  Lying about your first official vote.  That’s got to earn you some kind of special recognition in the sleazeball community.


The fact that Ryan is involved indicates that the RNC is also involved in North Carolina’s 2022 campaign.  Those are the folks who force-fed us Liddy Dole and Thom Tillis.


One of the more troubling aspects about Mark Walker is his appearance in federal charging documents in a political corruption case.  The documents detail some sketchy activity by someone called ‘Public Official A.’   (Walker later admitted he was ‘Public Official A.’)

Honestly.  Do we really want or need someone with that kind of stink on them ‘representing’ us in the US Senate?  Granted, he didn’t get charged.  Though,  some argue that he probably should have been. Not EVERYBODY gets mentioned in a US DOJ indictment.


Mark Walker is NO GOOD for conservatives or any others seeking good government or a draining of the swamp.  He’s being endorsed by one of the key swamp dwellers.


Conservatives DO NOT need to flood this primary with candidates.  Splitting the conservative vote only makes it easier for ‘Public Official A.’  There needs to be a thorough search for candidates who (1) can be competitive statewide, and (2) can raise enough money to be competitive. Then, there needs to be a confab where conservatives agree on ONE standard-bearer to take on Walker and take back that Senate seat.  This needs to start NOW.


I’m tired of being lectured to by the GOPe that “(He / She) is better than the Democrat.”  “If you don’t vote for him / her, we’re going to get a liberal senator allowing liberal nominees to skate through the senate.”   (Kinda like what we have NOW.)