FreedomWorks: Two more years of Walter, please.

FreedomWorks, one of the nation’s leading Tea Party organizations, wj1has formally endorsed congressman Walter Jones for renomination and reelection in North Carolina’s 3rd congressional district.  Here’s what they had to say:

This week, FreedomWorks PAC announced its endorsement of Rep. Walter Jones in North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District. Jones has long been an independent thinker in Congress, never content to toe the party line. He was one of the 25 Republicans who voted against John Boehner’s reelection as Speaker of the House, and has never shown any qualms about going against leadership. For the past three years, Jones has won our annual FreedomFighter Award for scoring over 90 percent on the FreedomWorks Congressional Scorecard. He’s been a principled opponent of ObamaCare and wasteful spending, and has voted to support your civil liberties against government surveillance again and again.wj3

Jones is one of three candidates on the 3rd district’s GOP primary ballot.  Taylor Griffin and Phillip Law are the other two.

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  1. Phil Law is a lightweight with a lot of family money behind him. He says the right things, but who knows if he really believes them or is just another Renee Ellmers. He has not been around long enough for anyone to know whether to believe what he says.

    Taylor Griffin is the candidate of the Boehner / Ryan mafia who sent him carpetbagging into the 3rd district, where he had never lived before, to challenge Jones. As the Haymaker has previously pointed out, several key aides of Boehner have been active in raising money for Griffin around the Washington beltway.

    Walter Jones is our best choice, by far, and it is good to see Freedomworks engaging in this primary.

    1. “Walter Jones is our best choice, by far, and it is good to see Freedomworks engaging in this primary.”

      Unquestionably. Now all NCGOP3 needs to do is dump their establishment District leadership and get a real conservative onto the Central Committee.

  2. Hmm, god forbid someone gets elected and does a better job than Walter. You’re just stuck in your old ways and too afraid to embrace change.

    Its funny how all Walter supporters are all about principle and doing the right thing and having good judgement and morals. Part of that should involve term limits. If Walter and his father have been in Washington for a combined 30+ years, how can you honestly say that he is the right man for the job without being hypocritical.

    The logic of how Phil Law has not been around long enough to be trusted is totally wrong. The sacrifice he has already made to this county should be good enough for you. Have you decided to serve? Are you a veteran who has fought for this country? I highly doubt so. Its honestly disrespectful that you say that.

    Please tell me what committees Walter Jones is on? He has been there for 22 years and has barely anything to show for it.

    You cant tell me that just because Walter provides great “Constituents” services is a reason to vote for him. That’s just doing what his job entails. This district deserves someone who will go above and beyond and not just do the bare minimum.

    1. “He has been there for 22 years and has barely anything to show for it.”

      These days, that’s a high compliment given all the outrages that have been perpetrated upon us by more “accomplished” members of Congress.

      “You cant tell me that just because Walter provides great “Constituents” services is a reason to vote for him.”

      Constituent service from my Member of Congress absolutely stinks, wish I lived in the 3rd district, so it’s a pretty good reason to me.

      ” Are you a veteran who has fought for this country? I highly doubt so. Its honestly disrespectful that you say that.”

      Can’t answer for JS, but I wore the uniform for two decades and I’ve known or seen some real bums who also wore the uniform, and I have no problem saying so.

      Having said all that, Phil Law’s military record isn’t at issue here and shouldn’t even be in the conversation.

      1. “These days, that’s a high compliment given all the outrages that have been perpetrated upon us by more “accomplished” members of Congress.”

        So you’re saying its a good thing that Jones is not a chair of a committee or passed any productive legislation. He couldn’t even do something as simple as changing the name of a post office. He handed that one off to Butterfield.

        Jones is one of the only republicans fighting to overturn Citizens united vs FEC is a hilarious display of hypocrisy. Is FreedomWorks not a super PAC? Because it looks to me and correct me if I’m wrong but Jones is voting against super PACs yet taking money and endorsements from them.

        “Having said all that, Phil Law’s military record isn’t at issue here and shouldn’t even be in the conversation.”

        When JS questioned the mans integrity by saying “but who knows if he really believes them or is just another Renee Ellmers.”

        I believe you shouldn’t have to question the integrity of a Marine who fought bravely in invasion of Iraq. A man who has a devoted wife and three children and works hard everyday to provide for them. I just think its disrespectful to say something like “Phil Law is a lightweight with a lot of family money behind him.” when JS has not a single inkling of a fact of what he had to go through to get that far in life.

        1. FreedomWorks is a Tea Party organization, which represents conservative principles. They are the polar opposite of the special interest PACs.

          It is very unlike the so-called ”Ending Spending” that ran the anti-Jones ads last time. ”Ending Spending” is run by a family of Wall Streeters who own TD AmeriTrade, and one of whose big issues is supporting amnesty for illegal aliens.

          Walter Jones is A plus rated by Numbers USA, the anti-amnesty organization because he fights hard against illegal immigration. That is why the Wall Streeters like ”Ending Spending do not like him.

          It has nothing to do with spending. Walter Jones has voted against every debt increase big, and every budget bill that increases spending for the last 11 years. If spending were their real issue, they should like Jones, but it is amnesty, not ”ending spending” that they are really after. They are as phony as a three peso bill.

          I appreciate the service of our veterans like my father who was in WWII, my grandfather who was in WWI, and my great grandfather and great great grandfather who both served in the War Between the States. However, veterans do not necessarily make good elected officials. Cases in point would be John Kerry, Jimmy Carter, and John McCain. Some are fine, but others aren’t.

    2. The big problem in DC is the rotten ”leadership” of John Boehner, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell, who always cave in and enable the radical policies of Barack Obama. Walter Jones is one of the handful who has demonstrated the courage to stand up and fight these betrayers from within our own party. He was stripped of a key committee for it.

      Walter is a fighter in the very most important fight in Congress. It is not time to send in the water boy, who may or may not fight in this arena. Or even worse, to send it a ringer from the other team like Taylor Griffin.

      While I have great respect for the military, we have had our share of duds in public office coming out of the military. John Kerry anyone? Jimmy Carter anyone? That background by itself tells you nothing.

      Walter Jones votes against Boehner’s and Ryan’s budget and debt sellouts, not only on the final vote but on the crucial procedural vote on the rule. Walter Jones was one of only two NC Congressmen to come out for removal of Boehner, and he voted for a better Republican against both Boehner and Ryan as Speaker. This is the type of courage we need in Congress, and when we have one of the few willing to stand up and be counted, we need to keep him.

      1. GUWonder continues to demonstrate he shamefully complicit when it comes to Jones’ record (scotoma, anyone?).

        Jones wasn’t removed from Financial Services because he “stood up to Boehner;” he was removed because he was voting for liberal Democrat policies! He voted for Dodd-Frank (and is the only Republican left in Congress who did); he voted against the Deficit Reduction Act in 05; voted against the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act and the Budget Control Act in 2011; voted to allow Obama to keep $355 billion in the stimulus bill; voted against $100 billion in spending cuts; voted to EXPAND OBAMACARE; voted to expand and protect unions; voted to save Cash-For-Clunkers; voted to give Obama a $30 billion stimulus package in 2010; and for FIVE YEARS RUNNING, Jones has voted against the RSC budget substitution amendment to put in a more conservative budget that would balance in 5 years, not 10, and has deeper non-defense spending cuts. Why? So he can do exactly what you say he does: “I stood up to Boehner!” It’s a facade, nothing more.

        Guess what? Most of these votes are scored by Heritage; the older ones are scored by Club For Growth, where Jones has the lowest lifetime score of any Republican in NC, including Ellmers. There’s a reason why Jones had a Heritage score of 62 in 11′-12′ and that his lifetime average is among the lowest in the NC delegation. The only reason his scores have improved? Primary challengers. The data is clear among every conservative rating organization. His career as a politician is over.

        1. Praetorian continues to regurgitate the Taylor Griffin talking points.

          Walter Jones was one of a group of conservatives including conservative Congressman Tim Huelscamp (R-Kan) who were kicked off of committee assignments at the same time to punish them for not following Boehner’s orders and send a message to fall in line. More recently, Boehner tried to do that to conservative Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) but that time they figured out a technicality to thwart Boehner. Meadows then let the successful effort to oust Boehner, and Walter Jones was the only NC Congressman to step up to the plate and come out for dumping Boehner.

          Walter particularly aggravated Boehner by being willing to vote against Boehner on procedural votes, which in the House is the vote on the rule. How important that is can be illustrated by the sell out Obama-enabling CRomnibus passed last year. On the first count of the vote on the rule, it was narrowly defeated, with Walter Jones one of those who voted against it. Then Boehner lied to Congressman Stutzman (R-Ind) to get him to change his vote (Stutzman called Boehner out on that later when he discovered that Boehner had lied to him) and promised another GOP congressman who had lost his primary to raise money to pay his campaign debt to get him to change his vote. On the latter, Boehner and the Congressman in question SHOULD have been jailed for corruption, as far as I am concerned.

          Walter Jones willingness to vote against the sell out Obama enabling spending and debt bills on procedural votes as well as the final vote has helped put a target on his back with the Washington establishment.

          Walter Jones has not voted for ANY bill that raises the deficit in eleven years. He has also not voted for ANY increase in the federal debt limit for 18 years. That is the sort of budget hawk we need in Congress.

          It was pathetic to listen to Taylor Griffin crawfish about whether he supported Boehner when he was on the Henry Hinton show at WTIB radio. When Walter Jones took a strong stand to bring down Boehner, Griffin was trying to play both sides. What Griffin did not want to reveal was that several of Boehner’s top former aides were helping raise money for him, so of course he was in Boehner’s pocket.

  3. Matt, commitee assignments/chairmanships are given to those who pass liberal legislation and turn a blind eye to conservatism.
    Take a look at Paul Ryan. He just exempted unions from the Cadillac Tax on their health insurance for 2 years. He just blew through the budget caps set in place by Boehner. He just expanded Muslim immigration. Furthermore, Ryan doled out more Visas for foreign workers who will take American jobs. Why are the most liberal of the republican delegation in charge of these committees?
    If your not a commitee chairman it’s because you are trying to do what you were elected to do.

    1. Being a conservative is enough for the GOP establishment Obama Republican leadership to try to keep someone out of a committee chairmanship. That also happens in the Senate. When the GOP got a Senate majority, standout conservative Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala) was slated to move up from ranking minority member to chairman of the Budget Committee, a very key position. Mitch McConnell then maneuvered to get an establishment senator to challenge him for that slot and snaked Sessions out of it.

      The sort of Republicans that line up with our corrupt GOP leadership – McConnell, Boehner, and now Ryan – are worthless. We need more like Walter Jones who will stand up to them.

  4. Walter Jones is a man of conscience, they’re not enough of them in DC

    Congressman Jones will be re-elected and it won’t be close like it was 2 years ago

  5. I’m as honest as I can be on these posts, March 16th is going to be a sad day for some folks.

    Those that bet against Congressman Jones included…

    1. Yea all the old people are going to be so shocked Walter lost they’re all going to have heart attacks. Remember to take your aspirin March 16th.

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