Four years into McCrory era, Republicans STILL an endangered species on UNC faculty

liberalpublicschoolsThis may not come as a shock to many of you familiar with life in the Democrat People’s Republic of Orange County:

[…] Professors registered as Democrats outnumber those registered as Republicans by a ratio of roughly 12 to one at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill – and in 15 departments zero registered Republican professors can be found – according to educators’ registered party affiliations.

The College Fix researched the political party registrations of 1,355 UNC Chapel Hill professors using the state’s online public voter database, maintained by the State Board of Elections.

Of those, 615 were registered Democrats, while only 50 were registered Republicans, a ratio of about 12 to one.[…]1466081_218848341620049_200374563_n

Wow. *You have gotta LOVE that diversity stuff.*  Imagine how much noise the liberal howler monkeys would be making if the ratio of, say, white men to “men-of-color” was 12:1 or WORSE.


[…] The remaining party affiliations included 299 professor who are unaffiliated (in North Carolina, voters can register as unaffiliated), 291 professors whose names could not be found the database, and 98 professors’ whose party affiliations could not be determined. Two professors are registered libertarians.

Even with the high number of professor party affiliations that could not be determined, the results found Democrat professors outnumber Republican ones in every single department surveyed, and what’s more, nearly half of the 34 departments probed found no registered Republicans at all.[…] 

imagesGiven that we are talking about Orange County, there IS a possibility that there are some right-leaning profs who register Unaffiliated so they can actually have a say in local elections.(I’ve done that before when I lived in areas where the local GOP was practically non-existent.) 

And which departments had NO registered Republicans?:

African-American Studies
American Studies
Asian Studies
Environmental Science
Marine Sciences
Public Policy
Women’s Studies

Hmmm.  I see at least THREE in that list that could be eliminatedcollege and not be missed by anyone except the leeches currently drawing paychecks from them.  Chalk this up to another missed opportunity to reform the UNC system.  *Let the leftists continue latching on like ticks to a cocker spaniel, feeding on our tax dollars while taking a hammer to our society and culture.* 

Of course, a snooty weekday resident of The Friday Center fired off a snooty rebuttal to this info:

[…] Asked by The College Fix to comment on the results, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill spokesman Jim Gregory said via email that the university “does not hire faculty based upon their political affiliation, but instead upon academic merit.”

“That said, we also feel that it is important for students to be confronted with views that they may not agree with or have not previously been exposed to, which we believe leads to the development of critical thinking skills,” he said.

“Our primary effort is to ensure that our faculty, regardless of their backgrounds, are sensitive to and respectful of the various beliefs and viewpoints raised by each of their students,” Gregory said, adding the university does attempt to “achieve a measure of diversity across all domains” but described achieving a perfect balance as “extremely difficult.”[…] collegehumor.68462555cd7f7f7dee73582a1a026890

Oh, bravo sierra. IS he talking about this guy, this lady or this lady

I’ve been doing some part-time teaching on college campuses.  I often get saddled with textbooks that do things like, oh, praise Hillary Clinton and Nelson Mandela as examples of great leaders or — better yet – heap praise on companies that put “stewardship of the environment” ahead of *silly things* like, oh, profits. 

I remember asking one class to define “capitalism” for me.  The first kid raised his hand and said ”The rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer.”  Amid my face-palm, a second kid said “The bottom 99% working really hard while the top 1% get all the benefits.”

I had my work cut out for me.  full_BreakfastClub2

On college campuses, faculty hiring decisions get made — in most cases — based on recommendations from folks already in-house.  Just as in driveby journalism, ”merit” is subjective.   Past work for a conservative politician or organization or publication can be portrayed as “lacking merit.”   (But there is no problem with citing “Wonkette” as your favorite web site.) Commies are going to recommend their fellow comrades.  And we foot the bill.

Party registration doesn’t always tell you a lot.  (Charles Jeter and Larry Pittman are both registered Republican.) But it can give you a sense, in a lot of cases, of how someone approaches the important issues in society.  professor

I am not for quotas.  I am not for bean-counting.  College campuses should be about exploring the facts in search of the truth.  They should be about

honest, open debate.  I’ve never penalized  a student for disagreeing with me politically. There is way too much force-feeding of Marxism, and way too little critical thinking and issue exploration, on our campuses.

There have been occasions during my time as a college student where I got As from leftist professors, and others where I got rather undeserved Bs or Cs from commie profs.  

I am always on the lookout for good critical thinking, good writing, and generous use of facts from reputable sources (NOT MSNBC, for example).


There are a lot of bright folks working for places like Cato and Heritage who could do bang-up work on our campuses.  You have to wonder how serious folks in power on “our side” are about evening things up.  Free market ideals deserve a fair hearing among the ivy.