ENC GOPers: Censuring Thom Tillis, Rebuking Richard Burr




The NCGOP establishment and activists in Eastern North Carolina are not seeing eye-to-eye on things lately.  We’ve reported previously on the Craven County GOP’s censure of state House speaker Thom Tillis (for his meddling in local primaries) and rebuke of Senator Richard Burr (for his comments and votes on gays in the military, women in combat, gun control, ObamaCare and other issues).

Now comes word that Republican leaders in Lenoir County AND the First Congressional District have also passed rebukes of Senator Burr.  Next weekend, Third Congressional District leaders will take up a proposal to rebuke the state’s senior senator.

6 thoughts on “ENC GOPers: Censuring Thom Tillis, Rebuking Richard Burr

  1. North Carolina now has its very own ”Tricky Dick” – Senator Richard ”Tricky DIck” Burr.

    Richard Nixon was the original ”Tricky Dick” for changing stances on policy. His 1972 oonservative primary opponent Congressman John Ashbrook (R-Ohtio) speaking of Nixon’s first term as president said that Nixon ”ran on George Wallace’s platform, but carried out Hubert Humphrey’s”

    Tricky Dick Burr ran as a conservative, but he has been siding with the liberals all too often. One of his tricks is to vote with the liberals on the vote where it is easiest to stop bad legislation, the cloture vote, but then voting with the conservatives on the final vote where it is less easy to stop legislation. He votes for the bill before he votes against the bill. He has done that on major issues like gun control and amnesty for illegal aliens. The 6th Congressional District GOP convention passed a resolution of censure for his doing it on gun control.

    Tricky Dick Burr took his new liberal stance to a new level with defunding Obamacare. He voted with the liberals on cloture and on the final vote. He also loudly denounced the conservatives for daring to stand up to Obama. He has continued denouncing conservative leaders and organizations since.

    Enough is enough. We don’t need a Tricky Dick in 2016. We need an honest conservative.

  2. We need a RECALL method in North Carolina! What brilliant NC lawyer can come up with a RECALL action by the people?
    Never mind! There is a legal means!

    A Supreme Court Case, United States v. Williams in which Justice Antonin Scalia wrote the majority opinion which describes the Common Law Grand Jury is a right “of the people”. It is in the Bill Of Rights!

    It is being developed and implemented by the National Liberty Alliance, http://www.nationallibertyalliance.org.

    Moore County has an Organizer. Contact Howard Beatty at NCCLGJ@gmail.com

  3. I hope others are starting to look for a replacement for Tricky Dick Burr. (Hat tip to Raphael.)

    I say Greg Brannon to replace Hagan and then Mark Harris to replace Trick Dick. Sounds like a win all the way around.

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