Email Hack indicates ‘The Round Rev’ a paid TOOL of George Soros

barberhandsThe driveby media stands ready to record for posterity ANY and EVERY belch or other utterance from any of his bodily orifices.  He’s upstaged the General Assembly.  He’s made ALL the cable talk shows.  Happy Meals have mysteriously disappeared from kids’ trays during his visits to Mickey D’s.  

Yes, THE William Barber — hailed as the second coming of Martin Luther King — appears to be the apple of the eye  of Satan’s field commander on Earth: 

As riots continue to plague Charlotte, North Carolina after a police shooting there, Rev. William Barber, president of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP, has taken center stage in helping to shape the public narrative by commenting on the issue in the news media.
Not only is the NAACP heavily financed by Soros to the tune of millions of dollars, Barber himself was singled out in a hacked document from the billionaire’s Open Society Institute as part of the rationale for offering a local grant to the NAACP’s North Carolina branch, Breitbart News has found.soros

The memo states that the NAACP’s North Carolina chapter “advances several key OSI (Open Society Institute) priorities,” and describes Barber himself as a “dynamic leader, catalytic speaker, and builder of powerful and diverse alliances.”

Wow. A hell of an endorsement from an organization led by a man who: (1) sympathized with Hitler’s Nazis, (2) has crashed economies around the world to the detriment of all kinds of poor people (and to the benefit of his wallet and Swiss bank accounts), and (3) has financed violence and riots in streets around the world.


[…] Soros’s Open Society has long been a significant donor to the NAACP’s national and local branches.

Soros has provided millions of dollars in financing to the NAACP, including a $1,000,000 pledge to the NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund in March 2013; $100,000 in 2009; $200,000 in 2008; two grants of $208,000 and $300,000 in 2011; and $350,000 in 2012.

Barber was singled out in a hacked Open Society document from June 30, 2010 titled “Democracy and Power Fund State Funding Recommendations Memo Docket II”obama-change-charlotte-riots-z

The Democracy and Power Fund is part of the Open Society Institute. In January 2010, the Open Society earmarked $2 million per year for the Fund to provide grants to organizations in North Carolina and Texas.

The hacked memo recommended that Soros’s Fund provide $1,075,000 in grants to eleven local groups, including $120,000 over one year to the North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP.

The grant was meant to fund the NAACP’s State Conference in Durham, North Carolina, which, the memo relates, “serves to improve the political, educational, social, and economic status of African Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities; to eliminate racial prejudice; to keep the public aware of the adverse effects of discrimination; and to take lawful action to secure the elimination of racial discrimination.”barber1

A section in the hacked memo titled “Rationale for Recommendation,” explains why the grant should be made to the NAACP.

There, the Open Society document boasted about Barber’s work, calling him a “dynamic leader, catalytic speaker, and builder of powerful and diverse alliances.”

The memo states:

The NC NAACP is led by Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II, a dynamic leader, catalytic speaker, and builder of powerful and diverse alliances who serves as the state president. Rev. Barber entered the position with a promise to increase the relevance of the 100-year old institution to contemporary life and criticized former NC NAACP leaders for having a behind-the scenes approach to civil action, preferring to negotiate with legislators rather than taking the civil rights agenda to the streets. His commitment to organizing and policy advocacy is unique for the institution and he states that while the NC NAACP will continue to work with lawmakers “…the difference is that when we go into the legislature, we don’t check with them to negotiate what’s most politically acceptable. We go in and stand on our principles.” And a broad, diverse, and growing community of organizations and activists stands with them.1045534652

Rev. Barber has shared that OSI funding would enable the hiring of two new staff members for the NAACP – it currently only has one staff person, an executive director, and Rev. Barber’s time is supported primarily by his congregations. One of the new positions will be an organizer who will focus on sustaining and expanding the base of support for the organization and the broader HK on J campaign. The second position will enable the hiring of a policy staff person, perhaps with legal expertise, to assist in its advocacy work, including on school desegregation issues, an issue of interest to the Equality and Opportunity Fund.

For those of you who may not know, “HK on J” (aka “One Hundred Thousand on Jones (Street)”) is the inside-baseball name for those so-called “Moral Monday” marches and rallies the drive by media swoons over in Raleigh.  So, now we have confirmed that Soros cash is supporting that piece of political agitation.  MORE: 

The memo states that the NAACP in North Carolina “advances” Open Society objectives.Hillary-Clinton-hereicome

The Democracy and Power Fund and the Equality and Opportunity Fund are excited to recommend this first funding recommendation to support the North Carolina NAACP’s work and provide backing for a statewide advocacy, organizing, and public education that promotes base-building among African-Americans, builds alliances between the state’s diverse populations, advances the broader issues of all North Carolinians who seek social justice, and advances several key OSI priorities.

Question:  The US DOJ has spent millions over decades to locate, prosecute and deport immigrants who had ties to Nazi Germany.  Soros’s fingerprints are all over the financing of violence, chaos, and economic sabotage.  Why can’t we begin work on booting HIM out of this country? (Likely, there are too many bribed politicians and bureaucrats out there to allow that to happen.)   Paging President Trump. 

Folks, we in North Carolina are being subjected to — and victimized by — so much political theater orchestrVoter ID is OK in a solid D or solid R state, but NOT in a state like North Carolina that is solidly in-play in the presidential race.   We’ve gotFitzcryin-eyes-closed racially-based riots and protests in Charlotte over a black-n-black shooting, while a white-on-black shooting in Tulsa is basically being ignored by the mob.  (Oklahoma is already a Trump state.  North Carolated behind the scenes by the radical lefjgt. ina is in-play.  *Gotta get that vote out.*)

We’ve got Team Soros on a national level orchestrating mayhem over HB2 and the Charlotte shooting.  Now, we learn they’ve sunk their claws into the so-called “Moral Monday” political theatre.  On a state level, we have leftist fat-cats like the Goodmon and Daniels clans financing and encouraging leftist politics and media disinformation.

Get the facts.  Don’t fall for this nonsense.  Make wise choices in November, and send a message loud and clear that we are NOT INTERESTED in having our strings pulled by puppet masters.