High Point U. Poll: McCrory down BIG; Burr, Trump in statistical tie

poll-results4This survey was of 404 likely voters via telephone between September 17 and 22.  (Margin of Error? +-4.9%.)  Here’s what we learned: 

  • Governor: Roy Cooper leads Pat McCrory 49-41.   THAT should concern the governor’s team because it puts the Democrat challenger ahead outside of the margin of error.  McCrory’s approval / disapproval is at 41/51.
  • Senator:   Richard Burr leads Deborah Ross 43-42.  THAT is within the margin of error, so it is officially a too-close-to-call toss-up.  Burr’s approval / disapproval is at 38-35.  The poll finds Thom Tillis’s approval / disapproval at 26-34. 
  • President: Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump 42-40.  THAT is within the margin of error, so it, too, qualifies as a toss-up. 

The poll finds Barack Obama with a 48/48 approval/disapproval rating in the state. It also finds 70 percent of respondents believing the country is on the wrong track.  Improving economic conditions, creating jobs, fighting terrorism, and protecting the US from foreign threats were the clear top four issues on respondents’ minds.

Only 56 percent of pollsters said they voted in November 2014.  But 96 percent of them said they were certain to vote this November.

3 thoughts on “High Point U. Poll: McCrory down BIG; Burr, Trump in statistical tie

  1. That Obozo approval rating seems quite strange. Over the past few years I have discussed him with many people of diverse backgrounds and very very few have anything good to say about him. The only exceptions are some of the whackos who have come down from New York for a term. Hopefully those folks will go back soon :). I am trying to encourage them when they talk about “missing the north”. .

  2. 70% think country is going in the wrong direction but they give Obama high marks and want to elect Hillary?

  3. Why can’t the NC Republican Establishment realize that Mitt Romney and Lindsay Graham are killing the entire NC ticket?

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