#ncpol: Riots are DONE? BACK TO TOILETS.

The N&O’s Colon Campbell is one happy little guy.  The unpleasantness in the streets of Charlotte appears to be over, for the most part, and he can resume his quest for the world record for authoring the most toilet-related news copy. It looks like one of his colleagues is trying to steal his thunder, though: 200_s

More than 50 investment managers with more than $2.1 trillion under management are calling for a full repeal of North Carolina’s House Bill 2, which limits protections for LGBT individuals.[…] 

Wow. THAT sounds impressive.  Who on Earth could this smarmy bastard be talking about, you ask? 

[…] The initiative was organized by Trillium Asset Management, the Croatan Institute and the New York City Comptroller.  […] 

Okay, New York City is easily dismissible.  They’re just mad because so many people are fleeing their socialist nightmare for our state.   Trillium Asset Management?  Judging from their web site, they appear to specialize in using other people’s money as download-10leverage to achieve leftist policy objectives.  (*Hmmm.  That could come in handy with this whole HB2 thingie.*) 

And then there’s The Croatan Institute.  It appears to be YET ANOTHER group that specializes in using other people’s money as leverage in shakedowns meant to achieve leftist policy objectives.

The radical left is playing hardball this election year.  They WANT North Carolina in their column and on their plantation.  And they appear ready to burn the whole state down in order to accomplish that.  Are we going to let them do it? 


3 thoughts on “#ncpol: Riots are DONE? BACK TO TOILETS.

  1. I suggest in NC bond issues, we see if we can place them through London or Zurich or some OTHER financial market than the one in Peoples Republic of New York City. Two can play this game! Perhaps there are even some other bond placing firms elsewhere in the US. NC should take all of its business out of New York. We should prohibit anyone travelling on state business from even connecting flights at a NYC airport. Screw them and the horse they rode in on. As to the other leftists, we should check into indicting them for blackmail, and if the present laws do not allow that, then amend the laws so that we can indict and incarcerate these stinking bullies.

  2. Looking on the web sites of these “investment funds” reads like a rouges gallery of the radical leftist orgs. Especially that Croatan one. Plus they are based in Durham so you know they are on the whacko train. I would not trust any of them with a penny of my money.

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