Meredith College poll: Trump, Burr DOWN; McCrory UP

I can’t remember Meredith EVER being involved in the political polling game.  But here they are: poll-results4

  • President:  Clinton leads Trump 38-35 among likely voters.  A whopping 21 percent of North Carolinians, according to these folks, are undecided.   With Clinton voters, the economy is the number one issue.  With Trump voters, it’s national security.
  • Senator:  Deborah Ross leads Richard Burr 38-35 among those same voters.  More than a quarter of respondents had no knowledge of Ross, Burr or Libertarian Sean Haugh.
  • Governor:  Pat McCrory leads Roy Cooper 41-39.

The survey was conducted among 487 likely voters in North Carolina between Sept. 18 and 22.  The margin of error was +-4.43 percent.  So, that means ALL of these races are within the margin of error, and therefore TOSSUPS. 

5 thoughts on “Meredith College poll: Trump, Burr DOWN; McCrory UP

  1. Proof no one knows what they are talking about anymore.. 20 trillion dollars in debt and they look to Clinton? I heard a meeting of our religious brothers and sisters in an org meeting in a prime area took place.. the pastor didn’t come and left the door locked and four people including two paid staffers were there. That’s it.

  2. 76% of respondents were over age 45.
    They included “someone else” as an option in the Presidential race even though there will be only three choices on the ballot in NC.
    The poll is skewed against Johnson.

    1. Johnson is for open borders. Johnson runs off conservative voters, and no wonder he is pulling more from Hillary. Johnson and Weld are warmed over RINOs who are masquerading as libertarians.

  3. With the GOP Bush elites along with Mitt Romney and Lindsay Graham shilling for Hillary, the NC GOP ticket is going down in flames. When the GOP Establishment destroyed Goldwater in 1964, the NC GOP was shattered. Believe me, it’s happening again. History does repeat itself.

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