Ellmers cheerleading for No Child Left Behind reauthorization

Tea Party and anti-Common Core activists are up in arms over the proposed Student Success Act (HR 5) under consideration in the Congress. mouth The legislation basically extends the life of the horrid No Child Left Behind albatross that George W. Bush blessed us with.   The fact that grassroots activists are opposed almost guarantees you will find Rep. Renee Ellmers FOR IT:















Rookie congressman Mark Walker (R-Greensboro) has done yeoman’s work in trying to reform this dog of a bill.   Heritage Action — clearly one of Ellmers’s top political foes — has also been aggressively against it. 

6 thoughts on “Ellmers cheerleading for No Child Left Behind reauthorization

  1. Do we have any representatives left in DC or have they all gone to the dogs? NCLB actually left the teachers behind and to reauthorize this monstrosity will only help Common Core. Our children in government schools have been so dumbed down they have no clue as to how to survive. Teachers teach without textbooks,some classes need reinforcements not necessarily that which is approved by the UN.
    Everyday is a struggle in our struggling schools. No wonder so many career professionals are bailing out before the 30 year magic number to retire.
    Our children deserve better than this and we need to go back to the local communities making the decisions and get rid of the Department of Education in Washington. We don’t need national control over our schools.

    1. Eventually, you have got to arrive at the belief that NC-2’s empty dress Representative takes positions opposing her constituents out of pure spite and in retribution for speaking out.

    1. So true.
      She has been a huge disappointment!
      Not only for this- today she would not fight 0’s exec. amnesty overreach.

  2. Ellmers lied to get in to office. She should have run on the democrat ticket or she should have just supported Ethridge. She certainly has emulated him. It’s time that she goes away.

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