Dumb & Dumber want to listen (not to YOU. To the latest traffic report or the farm commodity report, maybe. But not to YOU.)

Hey, everybody. Look! We’re invited!


I wonder if Dallas messed on himself while typing “Chairman Hayes” ?

First, this starts at 4PM on a Wednesday.  Most people — who aren’t retired, incarcerated, in college, or working for the government — have something else to do until at least FIVE on Wednesdays.   Of course this is like holding a big meeting when the,um,  “guest of honor” is out of the country. *Much easier to control who shows up AND the outcome.*

1107charlie_brown_lucy_footballSecond, is this a FUNDRAISER? (I see that RSVPs are being directed to the fundraising consultant.)  

Third, this is a lot like the Charlie Brown and Lucy football kicking exercise.  Lucy keeps pulling the ball away from Charlie Brown every time he runs up to kick it.  Dallas and his grandpa are going to pull the football away from us again, folks.  Why do we keep playing along?

They didn’t play nice.  They played dirty, and now expect us to come, hat in hand, head bowed, ready to go along and get along.

If you still give a damn about the Republican Party, you need to slip into war mode like these people did after Hasan won in June.  Within an hour after the convention ended, they were scheming about pulling their money out of the party treasury.  

Show up.  Learn the rules. Use them to your advantage.  Take your party back.

(By the way, if you plan to go to this thing on Wednesday, be sure to remember to pin the ‘Kick Me’ sign to your back before you head out.) 

12 thoughts on “Dumb & Dumber want to listen (not to YOU. To the latest traffic report or the farm commodity report, maybe. But not to YOU.)

  1. They probably want our ideas on how to stop the impending Trump nomination. Imagine all these NCGOPer’s & Cruz delegates traveling up to Cleveland and paying thousands of dollars to nominate Trump. I’ll be home ROTF & LMAO.

    1. The current state of America is no joking matter.

      Dennis Prager said this today
      “As of tonight, we might know whether Donald Trump will be the Republican presidential candidate. And barring unforeseeable events, it is certain that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. Those are two reasons (of many, unfortunately) why — other than the first years of the Civil War, when the survival of the United States as one country was in jeopardy — there was never a darker time in American history.”

  2. We are already seeing the party tilt liberal. They announced today that they are bringing the liberal-dominated NC Spin TV show to the NCGOPe state convention. Heck, why not invite MSNBC and Radio Havana while they are at it.

  3. It doesn’t matter what the NCGOPe does now, it’s very simple Trump or Hillary, figure it out!

  4. Hope Hillary picks a good VP running mate. They’ll most likely be the next president.

    1. No conservative should show at this thing anyway, to do so is to give tacit recognition to a Usurper.

  5. What happened to the old cardinal rule of meetings in North Carolina that you never hold anything on a Wednesday evening because it might conflict with church activities? You remember that place, CHURCH ? Many denominations still hold midweek services or events like Bible studies on Wednesday nights. You remember that book, the BIBLE ?

    To the NCGOP establishment, church is an executive committee meeting and the Bible is the plan of organization.

  6. They are just reprising the old redistricting “listening” schtick, where they held a bunch of town hall meetings, piped in some video, and made a distinct show of actually NOT listening to the public comments.

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