Big Dummy living up to his rep. (A call for his resignation on his FIRST DAY!)

Big Dummy never fails to disappoint.  Within an hour after the end of the kangaroo proceedings Saturday, Robin Hayes was already telling a lie AND violating a party rule (two of the allegations that got Hasan Harnett fired): 220px-Robin_Hayes,_official_109th_Congress_photo

The man who led the formal defense of Hasan Harnett, the North Carolina Republican Party chairman who was removed from office Saturday, says that his words are being “twisted” by Robin Hayes, the state GOP’s new chairman.

Members of the nearly 600-member executive committee, which voted to oust Harnett, were instructed not to talk about the substance of what amounted to a behind-closed-doors trial held at the McKimmon Center on the North Carolina State University campus, an agreement that Jim Womack said he had been willing to abide by.

But Womack said the words he used to defend Harnett have been twisted by Hayes, a former congressman and who had served as party chairman in 2011 and 2012, in public comments made after Saturday’s meeting.images (5)

“It was a kangaroo court that removed our chairman,” Womack said.

Harnett was out of town when the executive committee removed him and has not offered public comment since the action.

“Twisted” is a nice way of saying “lied”.  MORE:

Hayes made the remarks that incited Womack to break his silence shortly after the meeting ended during an interview with WRAL News and The News & Observer.

Referring to Harnett, Hayes said, “He did not have the background, the experience and the leadership skills that come from being immersed in the process over a number of years. The person who was speaking on his behalf said that in the beginning (of the meeting). I’m just repeating what is own people said.”

Womack said Hayes mischaracterized what he had said, making it appear as if he were critical of Harnett’s background.

“We didn’t elect the typical inside-politics leader,” Womack said, explaining why Harnett appealed to the grassroots activists who buoyed his bid last summer.

Harnett, he said, was chosen on a pledge to be more responsive to the grassroots and change the way the party operated rather than his facility for chairing meetings or dealing with the party’s various committees.130219_womack_034

“What we elected was a person who was popular for his advocacy around the state,” Womack said.

None of that, Womack said, was meant as a criticism of Harnett or should be taken to imply that the now-former chairman wasn’t up to the job.

Womack said Hayes might have been piqued by evidence that showed Harnett was a better fundraiser than Hayes. Regardless, Womack said, Hayes was bucking the rules of the very meeting that brought him back to the party chairmanship.

Harnett a better fundraiser?  Hmmm. * I wonder where he found out about that.  *  Hayes running his mouth on camera with the drivebys, plus breaking the non-disclosure rules governing Saturday’s trial ON CAMERA, gave Womack ammo to turn the mutineers’s tactics against them:

“I call for his immediate resignation,” Womack said.

Asked for comment, party Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse defended Hayes and the process. Many of those on the executive committee backed Harnett last summer but nonetheless “voted to remove him by a margin of 70 percent for the major violations of party rules and gross inefficiency,” Woodhouse said.

Since then, Woodhouse said, Hayes has been working to patch up differences with Harnett supporters.[…]Dallas

Oh, Dumb & Dumber are doing a bang-up job of THAT.  But, really, that’s not their purpose.  It’s to serve their masters at (1) Variety Wholesalers, (2) McCrory for Governor, (3) the RNC, (4) Capitol Communications, and (5) The Stewart Group.  



8 thoughts on “Big Dummy living up to his rep. (A call for his resignation on his FIRST DAY!)

  1. It is going to be all top-down from now on, so follow orders all you little people. You can start calling me Batman, and Robin is my sickkick. Party rules will mean what we say they do from here on out.

    1. I would not say bad things about Nix.You need to give her a little compassion. And when someone tried to nominate her for Chair she turned them down.

  2. Kangaroo Court is a good description, although some folks after the meeting who called it a Stalin Show Trial probably nit the nail on the head even better. Billy Miller’s substantially different standards for the prosecution and the defense were blatant, as was his complete deviation from party precedent set by higher authority on what constituted 2/3 of the body for impeachment purposes and his sweeping the existing party precedent under the rug. So was Zan Bunn’s move to cut off any possibility for the body to debate the evidence and arguments or lack thereof, and the very timing of the meeting when they knew Harnett would be out of the country. The whole spectacle was sickening. If this had to be done, it should at least have been done in a fair and impartial manner, which it was not.

    1. I cannot varify if the person you mention is the one who might have done the action you discribed because of the rules laid out by executive session but in general terms anyone that would act to cut off questions in a trial like situation you mention should be deemed a enemy a enemy to truth and any action like that is despicable. The gates of hell will not be wide enough to hold the evildoers

  3. Conservatives should take their frustrations out on the biggest lying Rino of them all, Tricky D. Burr. #maketillisconservative. If Burr wins, conservatives will lose because we will have 2 liberal socialist instead of one. It’s a win win if Burr loses.

    1. I’m confirtable not voting for Burr simply because he has been there long enough and accomplished…. umm…. Well that’s pretty much why I didn’t vote for Dole either!

      Don’t assume I’m always on this forum talking about NOT voting for Republicans. I went along and voted for McCrory the last two times, and did vote for Burr once more in 2010. I hope there are enough other independent minded people in this state, re-evaluating who they have sent into office.

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