Drive-bys encouraging DC, Raleigh GOP to follow McConnell advice: ”Don’t be Scary”

rob.fwI just about lost my lunch the other day when I read that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell actually went on the record with that comment.  I don’t remember all this hand-wringing against “extremism” by the drive bys and ruling class when the Democrats were ramming ObamaCare down our throats in 2009.  

RobRielleWho is cautioning Raleigh Republicans in today’s N&O that they risk losing their legislative majority if they keep up this limited government stuff. They need to be more like their governor, he says.

Be sure to listen to Rob, gang.  *You KNOW he and his paper have always had the, um, best interests of the GOP at heart.*   Let’s see.  Kay Hagan attacked the NCGA Republicans mercilessly in the 2014 Senate race.  How’d that work out for her? (Republicans STILL have a veto-proof majority in both chambers.) drive_by_media1

Another publication that, um, *always* has the best interests of the GOP — Politico — reports that US Senate Republicans are teaming with Democrat “moderates” to put the brakes on Obama’s amnesty order.  The reasoning?  That same tired old saw about it all leading to a government shutdown and costing the GOP seats.  You saw how many seats the 2013 shutdown cost the GOP in 2014. (Gains in BOTH chambers.)  

Never mind that all kinds of exit polls showed that people voted Republican in 2014 because they want Obama, ObamaCare, and amnesty STOPPED. 

Our state and nation are in dire straits.  What’s needed IS bold action.   In other words, stuff that will likely scare the drive-by media and their Democrat comrades. 

1 thought on “Drive-bys encouraging DC, Raleigh GOP to follow McConnell advice: ”Don’t be Scary”

  1. What is really scary to me is that we have Republican ”leaders” who lack the backbone to stand up to the arrogant demagogue Obama. Those wussies should not be in leadership positions. It is like 1933 in Germany when Hitler lacked a majority in the Reichstag, but the wussies there let him get away with destroying their country’s democracy. Specifically, they allowed Hitler to make and change laws without going through the legislative branch. Sound familiar?

    If voters wanted ”an end to gridlock”, ”bi-partisanship”, ”reaching across the aisle”, ”governing” and the like, they would have elected Democrats. The reason they elected Republicans was to stop and to reverse Obama’s programs. When McConnell and Boehner listen to the liberal media on what to do, instead of to the voters who put them there, then the country and the party are in serious trouble. They are scared so much they crap in their pants any time the media whispers ”government shutdown” but if they had the brains the good lord gave a gerbil, they would take note that after every government shutdown so far, the Republicans gained seats.

    The polls show that Republican voters are very dissatisfied with this leadership and overwhelmingly want to replace it, but our elected officials refuse to listen to the voters. I am very afraid that this will end badly for the GOP and for the country in 2016.

    Republican voters were very seriously betrayed on CRomnibus, which was mainly Boehner, but McConnell supported him in that.

    McConnell told the New York Times last year that he intended to ”crush them [conservatives] everywhere”. He wants to ”crush” conservatives in his own party while he wants to accommodate the Obama Democrats. We saw what McConnell did in arranging the financing (which Tricky Dick Burr was in on) for the very worst of the dishonest dirty tricks against the conservative in the Mississippi Senate runoff. We saw McConnell maneuver to block the ranking Republican, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala), an old line Reagan Republican, from taking the chairmanship of the Senate Budget Committee, so that a ”go along / get along” type could occupy that spot instead.

    The threat to the future of the Republican Party comes not from Obama or Reid or Pelosi. It comes from Boehner, McConnell and the brownnosers around them. They want to be liked by the liberal media and the special interests and do not give a rats ass about the voters. They are rapidly approaching the time that the voters decide that they do not give a rats ass about them,either. The biggest threat to the GOP is of self destruction from incompetent leadership.

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