Dan The Man.


Bishop, that is.

One of our two newest Members of Congress is demonstrating he won’t be shy about coming out swinging:


While  Richard Burr snivels and cowers and lets Mark Warner (D-VA) run his committee,  congressman Dan Bishop is taking Adam Schiff’s impeachment farce head-on.  Bishop is clearly not buying into the liberal nonsense — which Burr apparently believes — that Adam Schiff’s source in this farce needs anonymity.



On a side note —  it’s pretty clear that Bishop’s son has inherited his dad’s guts:


An N.C. State University student says he was assaulted with spray paint Monday night in a politically charged encounter with other students that he called “thugs” in the free expression tunnel on the Raleigh campus.


Jack Bishop, a 19-year-old freshman and the son of recently elected Republican Congressman Dan Bishop, said he was painting an advertisement for a Wednesday night campus event called “Culture War” when other students interrupted his efforts. The event is hosted by N.C. State’s chapter of Turning Point USA, a conservative student movement, and is billed as an opportunity to hear guest speaker Charlie Kirk and Lara Trump, President Trump’s daughter-in-law, “take on big government, culture and the left.”


“The worst thing that happened was the fact that we had a bunch of people coming up to intimidate conservative students and try to censor conservative speech on campus,” Bishop told The News & Observer.


“It seems like it’s increasingly more acceptable to censor political speech that you don’t like, and with violent means if necessary,” he said.


Bishop said he and fellow students were painting details of the event, conservative slogans and an American flag when a group of other students arrived with more cans of spray paint. The other students, he said, were members of the Young Democratic Socialists of America at N.C State and other student activists with the No Hate at NC State Coalition.


Those students have organized a protest of the event, saying the speakers “promote hate speech against various minority and marginalized groups.” They started a petition asking the university to shut down the event that has more than 1,000 signatures.


Bishop tweeted that “socialists rolled up on us with spray paint and proceeded to spray my eyes, neck, head and torso” and that his injuries “required the aid of an EMS.”


Video footage from the incident shared on social media shows about 30 seconds of an altercation between Bishop and another individual. The video, posted by local “conservative watchdog” Luke Stancil, shows a few individuals spray painting over the advertisement to cover it up.


Bishop walks over to one of those people and stands between them and the wall as they are spraying paint. He said he stood up against the wall to protect the work.



At one point in the video, Bishop says of the paint, “it smells great,” then leans toward the canister that’s being sprayed around him. Bishop continues to stand talking to the other student, saying “that’s about right … spray painting me in the face” before the video cuts off.


Bishop said he didn’t immediately react to being sprayed because it took a few minutes for his eye to start hurting. He said his group called campus police and that officers arrived with EMS within 5 to 10 minutes. The officers dispersed the crowd, he said.


On Twitter, Bishop thanked campus police officers and asked that they “please find these thugs and bring them to justice.”


Bishop said he filed charges for assault and property damage against two students who sprayed him with paint.[…]

Of course, the leftists are claiming young Bishop TRIED to get spray-painted in the eyes.  And, of course, The N&O gave credence to that.