Caught giving $$$ to Obama, Adam Schiff? Man Up, and blame it all on the women in your life.



That’s the path nominal Republican Arthur Donadio —  lame duck incumbent DA Maureen Krueger’s hand picked successor — appears to have taken.  And his “explanation” appears to raise  more questions than it answers:



In 2012,  Barack Obama was running for president.  He had Republican opposition.  I don’t recall the Republican candidate making “eliminating coverage for pre-existing conditions” a plank in his campaign platform.  Obama was on the verge of  launching ObamaCare.


Our previous coverage of the D.A.’s race also found that Donadio donated THIS YEAR to California Democrat Adam Schiff – who we all know is leading the impeachment effort against Donald Trump.



Anyone who has donated to a campaign KNOWS that — if you give over a certain amount — you have to fill out a form identifying yourself and your occupation / employer.  Just to review,  HERE is what official records show about Donadio’s donations:



COPD is apparently short-hand for the Southern Pines law firm of Crockett, Oldham, Pope and Donadio.


Donadio’s campaign’s Facebook page indicates he joined the Moore D.A.’s office in June of this year.   In July,  Krueger announced she would not be seeking reelection.  



If — as Donadio says — his “son’s mother”  made the contribution with his debit card without his permission and / or knowledge,  we have a troubling piece of information to deal with. The donation to Schiff was  made in Donadio’s name instead of his “son’s mother’s” name.  Federal election law requires completely truthful information in reporting all qualifying campaign donations.  



And there’s this:



These are some important issues that need to be publicly cleared up by someone aspiring to be on the Republican ticket as our area’s chief prosecutor.


8 thoughts on “Caught giving $$$ to Obama, Adam Schiff? Man Up, and blame it all on the women in your life.

  1. Arthur Donadio got caught and he blames his wife. He needs to man up. Arthur has a LONG track record of donating to liberal.

    The 8 Obama donations in 2012.

    The Adam Schiff donation this year!

    5 donations over 5 years to NC Advocates for Justice. That group led the effort to stack the NC Supreme Court with liberal judges! They opposed Newby in 2012-yet Arthur donated to them 5 times! They also support giving illegals driver licenses & using tax payer dollars to fund campaigns- yet Arthur donated to them.

    Arthur has given over and over and over to liberals.

  2. Wow! ANYONE who donates to Adam Shift is an ENEMY OF THE REPUBLIC! I cannot believe ANYONE COULD SUPPORT this guy Donadio , ESPECIALLY A SUPPOSED CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN with the info provided above being compelling and damming.

    Shift, NOTORIOUS for LYING, may be known for a whole new category of wicked behavior–for never, ever speaking a truthful word. So why would anyone support a LIAR????. Franklin Graham CORRECTLY noted that GOD HATES A LIAR….and scripture offers the only truth there is! Without understanding God’s Word, one goes off the rails in understanding anything. It is almost impossible to defend oneself against a LIAR with FAKE NEWS spewing lies out 24-7 in their massive daily propaganda efforts. But thanks be to God, our FAIRLY AND CONSTITUTIONALLY ELECTED President is leading the charge for truly exposing the mess our political system is in. DRAIN THE SWAMP Mr President and MAY GOD BLESS you FOR IT!

  3. Our judicial system has been taken over by true democrats posing
    as republicans. Our county parties are so weak that anyone can walk in and
    say they are a republican and our naive anti-abortion transplants will jump
    with joy. Ask the impostors to show their worth by criticizing some democrat judges.

  4. Obama donations – stupid excuse

    Schiff donation – blames wife

    Leaving party as Trump is nominated – blames a friend

    Joins Republican Party 18 hours before Maureen drops out – apparently the first time he had time to do it

    Hired as an ADA with a 113k salary the month prior to Maureen dropping out – back room deal (I wonder if he promised Maureen a job if he is elected at the tax payers expense)

  5. So Arthur Donadio changed his party to “help a friend running in a primary.” He left the party on March 1, 2016 and the primary was on March 15th, 2016.

    First, why did he even have to change his party?

    Second, why 2 weeks before the primary election?

    This is more fake news from Arthur Donadio

  6. Party changers earn repudiation by both parties… they cannot be trusted by either party.

    Seems simple to me….throw him out of the Republican Party.

    Either you is…..or you ain’t!

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