#NC-03: Wannabe Murphy aide causing confusion, giving congressman’s team a headache


Sometimes, folks get so enthusiastic about the candidates they support that they cause more problems than they solve.  That appears to be the case with GOP activist Dianne Layden and rookie congressman Greg Murphy.  Media and political types all over the NC political universe have reported getting calls from Layden — where she apparently gives off the impression she is some sort of official spokesman for or representative of the congressman from Pitt County.


It got me curious.  I contacted some folks I KNOW to be close to Murphy.  I was told that Layden held the title of “northeastern coordinator”  –a  grassroots organizing position — during the recently completed campaign.  I was told she did receive some payment for her work.


One particular Murphy intimate I spoke with made things pretty clear:


“We appreciate Dianne’s hard work for us during the campaign.  But the campaign is over.  It’s time to govern.  She is neither an official representative nor a spokesperson for Greg Murphy.   She should not be telling people such. Nor should she be doing things to make people think so. ”


Message received?