CNN Poll for NC: Trump, Burr in tight races; McCrory losing big to Cooper

We’ve heard from Monmouth.  Now, here comes The Clinton News Network (done August 18-23 among 1009 adults; 912 registered voters, 3.5% MOE):PwTV0-Wg

  • President:  Hillary Clinton outpolls Donald Trump 44-43 percent with Libertarian Gary Johnson pulling 11 percent.  (He WON’T finish that high.)  This race is ANYBODY’s game in North Carolina right now.
  • US Senate: Richard Burr leads 49-46 over Deborah Ross among registered voters — barely within the margin of error.   The poll finds Burr’s lead expands to 5 percent over Ross when you consider respondents most likely to turn out in November. 
  • Governor: Here goes the heartburn, again.  CNN has Cooper up SIX points over McCrory. 

27 thoughts on “CNN Poll for NC: Trump, Burr in tight races; McCrory losing big to Cooper

  1. This poll doesn’t include all the people the Trump campaign says are too embarrassed to admit to pollsters that they support him, but will vote for him on election day anyhow.

    Besides being one of the most pathetic things a campaign has ever said out loud about their candidate, I can tell you that a similar thing is probably happening on the Left. I know plenty of people who say they aren’t going to vote for Hillary, but like me, will almost certainly hold their noses and do it when no one’s watching…

  2. BS, Barry.

    there are 2 significant takeaways from this poll:

    1) Cooper is leading;
    2) Poll of ADULTS. LMAO.

    1. Polls are not results however, it makes folks feel good or bad depending on who you’re voting for.

      I think Trump and McCory win and I’m hoping Burr loses. Burr is such a fraud.

  3. I find it truly strange that Cooper can be that far ahead. What positives does the guy have? I think the fact that Pat is not attacking him on the issues like not doing his job, encouraging companies to hurt NC economically, and his out of state shadow backers is a mistake. Keeping the campaign only on the great things that have happened in NC in the past 4 years is only part of the story, the opposite side of the coin needs to be told too. Hopefully Pat will come out with guns blazing as the campaign gets closer to November.

  4. I wonder what Trump’s flip flop on immigration and the fact that he is now channeling Jeb Bush on that issue will do to his numbers in NC. I can’t see him picking up any Hispanics, but I can see more than a few conservatives skipping that race.

    This is Trump’s signature issue. If he cannot be trusted on that, what can he be trusted on?

    Ted Cruz would have been so much better.

    1. He’s not flip flopping, he’s “re-calibrating”.

      “Everything Trump promises comes with an expiration date,” said Cruz’s former Senate communications director, Amanda Carpenter. “We knew it during the primary, and now it is apparent he has duped his most loyal supporters on the issue they care about most, immigration. Don’t say we didn’t warn them.”
      Team Cruz on Trump’s immigration shift: Told you so

  5. I don’t like her, don’t agree with her, but I actually have to feel a little sorry for Ann Coulter. The day her book comes out (“In Trump We Trust”), is the day that Trump’s supporters realize that they can’t trust him.

    “This could be the shortest book tour ever”: Ann Coulter

    1. Maybe he really is a true Republican. Although he has not gotten the memo that you tell the voters what they want to hear up until you get elected and then either promote amnesty, higher spending, higher taxes, more government perks, more national debt, more “free trade” agreements….basically act like a democrap once you get up there. .

  6. Amazing.

    Mr. Trump’s staunchest conservative media allies are standing by him. Ann Coulter, who this week published a book titled “In Trump We Trust,” said Thursday that “perhaps it is in our interest” to let some undocumented people remain in the country.

    Radio host Rush Limbaugh said Mr. Trump’s supporters “don’t care what he does or what he says because there is no way they are going to do anything that helps elect Hillary Clinton. It’s no more complicated than that.”

    Mr. Trump’s congressional allies argued he should be given credit for moving off a hard-line immigration promise they said he could never have fulfilled.

    Rep. Glenn Grothman (R., Wis.), a Trump supporter who introduced the candidate at a rally last week, said Republican voters never believed Mr. Trump’s long-held assertions that he would deport 11 million illegal immigrants. “You have to use some common sense,” he said Thursday.
    Wall Street Journal: Donald Trump’s Mixed Signals on Immigration Roil Campaign

    Any of you who actually still believe anything he says on any issue? You’re now officially “Flounder” from Animal House, and Trump is “Otter”:

    “Hey, you f***ed up! You trusted us!”

    1. Anyone who believes anything from either candidate is “Flounder”, Hitlary has a much longer list of flips, flops, and outright lies than Donald. Plus, she has a dead body trail following her to boot.

  7. HEALTH ALERT: Anyone that feels compelled or is considering voting for Hillary Clinton and her team mate Roy Cooper is obviously suffering of a brain infection that has severely damaged their ability to reason on the side of correctness.
    Wisdom being the compilation of correct reasoning is not to be found in those that are stricken. It is the wisdom of those not infected that is the only known cure for those that are.

    Browny Douglas

    1. “Correctness”.

      Whoa, Meet the New Boss.

      So, Boss – is there some easy test that can be applied at the polls to prevent those that are “stricken” from voting in a politically-incorrect manner?

      1. For your Party, it’s keeping the military absentee ballots from finding their way back to the States and the BOE until after the election.

  8. No Barry, there is no test at the polls. If some level of sanity has not been reached by actual voting time of THIS ELECTION the voter is probably destined to forever remain in LA LA land.

    Browny Douglas

  9. I wonder how many NC voters know that the Libertarian ticket is really more the LIBERAL ticket?

    Johnson and Weld have been focusing on two very liberal issues in their campaign, open borders on immigration, and using the power of government to crush religious liberty by forcing Christian businesses like bakers, florists, and photographers to serve events that go against their religious principles like homosexual weddings.

    Lately they have jumped on to other liberal issues. Weld attacked our gun rights, equating AR15’s with weapons of mass destruction (nuclear bombs) and saying handguns were even worse. Now Johnson has jumped on board with the global warming alarmists and endorsed a carbon tax.

  10. Why is Cooper ahead? Conservative, historically-minded voters will never forgive McCrory’s efforts to destroy the Sons of Confederate Veterans and United Daughters of the Confederacy–two of this state’s oldest patriotic, historical organizations. McCrory is just an Ohio carpetbagger who has no respect or understanding of Tarheel history or its people.

    1. I think someone at the national level, and I have heard it was either the RNC, Chris Christie’s crowd at RGA, or both, was pushing some very bad advice on Southern governors after the Nikki Haley fiasco. McCrory at least seems to have realized early that it was bad advice and simply dropped it, pushing the issue no further after his initial statement.

      It should be pointed out that when the legislature later passed Mike Speciale’s bill protecting Confederate and other historical monuments, Governor McCrory signed it.

    2. I was incredulous that Governor Pat was so stupid as to assault the heritage of North Carolinians. Just about any half conservative idiot should be able to take on whacked out Cooper. But no. Governor Pat enters the cow pasture and looks for wet manure to jump in with both feet. Bud, why did you have to remind us you are an out of touch carpetbagger?

      Patrick! Whoever you are listening to, lock them out! I sure as hell don’t want Cooper, but you’ve even got me taking a long hard look at you.

      Hey, Lon Cecil! Are you as whacko as Johnson/Weld? If you are not, now is the time to sing bro.

  11. Hey, good news! Trump has done another 180 after his previous 180 on immigration. Without a doubt, you can definitely trust him 100% not to do another 180 before November, and absolutely you can trust him not to do a dozen 360’s on immigration if he gets in the White House… he guarantees it!

  12. Oh, who are we kidding. Most of the people who read this site are going to vote for Trump, despite the fact that he obviously lies to you and thinks you are idiots.

    “He hasn’t changed his position on immigration, he’s changed the words that he is saying.”
    Trump spokesperson, 8/25/16

    Oh, he’s ‘changed the words that he is saying.’ So when he says the words “we will work with them”, and “they have to pay taxes,” he still means “we will deport all 11 million of them”.

    Thanks for “clearing” that up.

  13. John Steed: The word on the street is that McCrory has not changed his position on going after the SCV and NC heritage. To blame his vicious attack on southern heritage on the RNC makes no sense–does he not have a brain of his own? SCV and UDC members all across the state do not trust McCrory and most are not supporting him this time. We know if he is re-elected, he will turn on us. We can’t risk that. At least Cooper is a native-born Tar heel who has never attacked us.

    1. It is not a good sign that McCrory appointed a very liberal Democrat as Secretary of Cultural Resources. That needs to change in a second McCrory administration. We need a Republican and a solid conservative. During both of Jim Martin’s terms as governor, the Secretary of Cultural Resources was Patric Dorsey of New Bern who had been a GOP Congressional District chairman and the Deputy Secretary was Hal McKinney, who had been a GOP Congressional District Vice Chairman. Both were conservatives and respectful of our Confederate heritage. McCrory needs to find real Republicans like Dorsey and McKinney (although the current crop of GOP District chairman are not of the caliber of the Martin days) with conservative viewpoints to head this department. Appointments to policy making positions have been a real disappointment in the McCrory administration and have cooled the enthusiasm for him among party activists.

  14. The current Department of Cutural Resources is a total disaster in the McCrory administration. There is no outreach at all to conservative, historical, and patriotic organizations. The current Secretary is a liberal, gay rights Democrat who has no interest in preserving our traditional, cultural Tarheel heritage. In my opinion, it’s already too late for a second Mcrory administration. He had his chance and blew it. McCrory’s Department of Cultural Resources is more interested in appeasing William Barber and Black Lives Matter than the DAR, SCV, and UDC.

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