Monmouth Poll for NC: Burr, Trump in tight races; Cooper blowing out McCrory

Monmouth University polled 401 likely North Carolina voters (MOE +-4.9%) between August 20th and 23rd, and here is what they found: pat worried

  • President:   Hillary Clinton outpolls Donald Trump 44-42 percent with Tar Heel state voters — well within the margin of error.  Libertarian Gary Johnson is polling at 7 percent. (He WON’T finish that high.)   Trump gets 86 percent of Republicans while Hillary gets 91 percent of Democrats.  Trump takes independents by 44-30 percent over Clinton.  (Johnson takes 15 percent.) 
  • US Senate:  Richard Burr is outpolling Deborah Ross 45-43 percent — again, well within the margin of error. Libertarian Sean Haugh is polling at 4 percent.   Burr has 94 percent of Republicans in his corner, while Ross only has 89 percent of Democrats. Burr carries independents over Ross by 46-31 percent.   Burr has an approval / disapproval rate of 46-30 percent.  Surprisingly, for a 20 year veteran of DC, 24 percent of respondents said they had NO OPINION of him.  
  • Governor: Here’s the heartburn territory for Republicans.  We’re starting to see some consistency in the polls for this race.  These guys show Cooper outpolling McCrory 52 to 43 percent — well outside the margin of error. Cooper has the support of 93 percent of Democrats, while McCrory has 89 percent of Republicans.  This poll shows McCrory underwater on his approval / disapproval ratio 45 percent to 46 percent.  (Of course, they are blaming HB2 for McCrory’s problems.)