Clapping like trained seals while the country crumbles

I recently had the, um, “pleasure” of watching some US House committee hold a field hearing in Pinehurst about last December’s blackout.  Two things really stuck out to me:

  1.  DC lobbyist, Jack Abramoff business associate, village councilman, mayoral wannabe and recent arrival “Parachute Pat” Pizzella in the audience fighting off the urge to sleep through the proceedings. (More on this later.)
  2. The committee chairman’s reference to Richard Hudson as “no better member of Congress.”  That comment was met with roaring applause that rocked the room.  That reaction was amazing from the standpoint that Hudson is one of the most unaccomplished people — next to, ahem, “CHAYA-MAN Saine” that you’ll meet.   I don’t know that I’d trust either one of those two with valet-parking my car or picking up pine cones in my yard. Yet, they’re both in position to do serious damage to our country’s economy and future.

    Hudson moved here when his district got redrawn. (He’s NEVER here.  I don’t think he was even here when we were all in the dark and freezing.  I move in circles where I bump into all kinds of local and state elected officials.  And I never see him.  He reportedly lives about two miles from me as-the-crow-flies.  By contrast, I saw Greensboro resident Howard Coble at least twice a week when he represented us. I disagreed with Coble A LOT.  But at least he made an attempt to listen to folks in his district.)  Hudson fabricated a business from thin-air when he first ran for Congress, so he could claim to be a small businessman.  That sounds a lot better than “career political hack,” which is what he IS.Hudson, like the rest of the teeny-bopper ex-CRs and YRs “representing” us in Washington stands ready to jump when the party leadership says jump.  Richard and his family are gaining wealth.  His political influence in Washington is growing.

    *Raise the debt ceiling? Pshaw, why not?  What’s another gazillion among friends, eh?*

    Hudson could give a rats patootie about what ANY of us think.   But, hey, we clap like seals when his name gets mentioned.  Why should he care? 

In case you were wondering, congressional committee hearings are theatre for the ugly.  The pretty folks get to Broadway or Hollywood.  There’s a lot of first-pounding and teeth-gnashing.  But rarely does anything meaningful happen.  It’s all about picking up political points for a pol or his / her party.  *If someone’s reputation, career, livelihood, etc. – or the country’s security or economic stability – get in the way, so be it.*

The clapping seals also put in an appearance at the recently completed NCGOP convention.  It’s hard to fathom all the teary-eyed Young Republicans beating their breasts and applauding furiously in celebration of the return of “CHAYA-MAN” Whatley.  Why is his extended tenure in Raleigh so good for the rest of us? The party has underperformed in elections overall since he’s been around.  It’s clear that the RNC is propping up the state party logistically and financially.  Whatley has a steady income and a new DC job with the RNC.  Things are great for … HIM.

Meanwhile, next to nothing is being done about election integrity.  His own “reelection” is a prime example.  Politicians who thumb their noses at the party platform are tolerated and even blessed with endorsements and logistical and financial support.

But – but -but- The Super-majorities !!!!  Let’s look at that.  In a year where the NCGOP was meant to romp, the party came up one seat short of a veto-proof majority.  They obtained it by encouraging a diehard, abortion-living liberal named Tricia Cotham to drop the D and add the R.  Cotham passionately supported baby-parts peddling Wendy Davis of Texas -even bringing her here to fundraise.  Cotham got perfect liberal scores from Civitas.

But she scored points with Raleigh GOPers by hanging out with RINOs like David Lewis and Charles Jeter.  Cotham won’t get reelected to her current seat as a GOPer.  (I’m hearing of a number of scenarios for her: (1) Run her for NC DPI superintendent, (2) run her for the soon-to-be-open Charlotte area NC House seat of GOPer John Bradford, or (3) run her for the US House seat so many Raleigh folks are trying to get Dan Bishop to abandon.)

Notice how little value we’re getting out of this super-majority?  Our “conservative” revolutionaries gave ol’ Roy Medicaid expansion.  They pushed through sports gambling AND special favors for Blue Cross NC  — both of which came with a lot of campaign money.  Big-money interests got satisfied, while none of us got consulted.   Meanwhile “Parents rights legislation” and a bill to protect minors from child mutilators in the medical community are lost in limbo.  *There must not be much, um, “pocket money” attached to those two things.*

Oh, there IS a lot of talk in Raleigh all of a sudden about “school choice.”  *Suuuuuuuuurely, that has nooooooothing to do with all the Koch Brothers cash floating around the vicinity. The Koch brothers love them some “school choice, and their checks DON’T bounce.*

 You can even look back to the early years of the “conservative revolution.”  A plan was executed to replace income taxes and the like with sales and service taxes.  New sales and service taxes got added, but not all of the old taxes got cancelled.  We’ve still got outrageously high food taxes and gas taxes under our veto-proof majority.  But, again, why should they care?  We clap like seals while they pay back the folks who have paid them off.