Chmn of state common core review commission — apppointed by Gov. Pat — is BIG FAN of Common Core

Ruh-roh. Fitzcryin-eyes-closed

State legislators organized a commission to review public school curriculum standards and make a recommendation to the state Board of Education and General Assembly.  This was seen by many Common Core opponents — like state senator Jerry Tillman — as a great way to introduce as much public input as possible and ensure ownership of what gets taught in our state’s schools.

Blinkin’ Chris — over at Jim Goodmon’s NCPolicyWatch — is beside himself with glee:

A North Carolina commission tasked with reviewing and replacing the Common Core State Standards met for the first time on Monday to determine first steps and elect two co-chairs, one being McCrory-appointed IBM executive Andre Peek, who declared himself a supporter of Common Core after the meeting.

“I am a supporter of Common Core, and I have been since its inception,” Peek told N.C. Policy Watch. “I do realize it’s [Common Core] a divisive issue for our state, though. But I don’t know the details of why…so through the efforts of this commission we’ll get to the facts…and how to change it to be more effective for our state.”

Peek added that he believed any changes made to the state’s academic standards will be based on fact and not just a feeling of “we don’t like it.” […]

*Nice.* We’re starting to see more of what my conservative pals in Charlotte warned me about early on in Gov. Pat’s statewide run. He’ll attach that R with pride next to his name, and won’t hesitate to throw all of the other Rs under the bus. 

Now pronouncements like THAT from Peek apparently set off senator Tillman’s radar: core

[…] “Now the intent of the legislature was to take Common Core off the books, to replace it, and repeal it,” warned Sen. Jerry Tillman (R-Asheboro), a key proponent of repealing the Common Core standards who joined the review commission at its start. “Now that’s what the bill says…if we didn’t want something done different, we wouldn’t need you all in this room today.” […]

Conservatism has worked so well for the Republican Party. Now, for some inexplicable reason, we’re running away from it as fast as we can.

5 thoughts on “Chmn of state common core review commission — apppointed by Gov. Pat — is BIG FAN of Common Core

  1. This is very distressing. McCrory crapped in his mess kit on this one. Common Core is a huge issue with GOP activists. I have not met a Republican activist yet which likes it.

  2. We are so screwed. Common Core is No Child Left Behind on steroids and they wonder why students are dropping out. The high school math program makes no sense,the history departments are being censored,the English departments are cutting the classics,the Science Departments have no textbooks. This was a way to save money on one hand but throw billions of dollars into the United Nations for a f……ng global society. Wake up America.

    1. And as usual the stinking crony capitalists of the US Chamber of Horrors (Commerce) is fully on board with this Big Government program. Anyone with a brain would have figured out that an IBM executive would be on the wrong side of this one.

  3. …………..and the two emerging choices we have for Gov are Pat and Roy. Somebody better ramp up efforts to get Dan to primary!!!!!!

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