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NCGOP state convention pushed to July

      So sayeth the party’s big boss in Raleigh:  

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ECU journalism department: Lies AND bias

        If you’re having  a hard time understanding why the driveby media is so viciously leftist and agenda-driven,  look no further than the folks who are training those aspiring guardians of our First Amendment:   In footage obtained exclusively by Campus Reform,…

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RINO, deny thyself.

      It’s been a while since we’ve been able to invoke the holy sacred name of  Charles Jeter.  If you recall, he’s a Thom Tillis acolyte who held down a NC House seat in Mecklenburg County for two terms.  During those two terms,…

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#ncga: They’re BAAAAAAAACK!

      While we’re sheltering-in-place, the honorables have once again darkened the halls of that big building one Jones Street in Raleigh. The Congress passed a huge-honking spending bill. So, the honorables in Raleigh felt like they had to get in on the act….

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Leftists turn on each other, eat their own

    (*Sigh*)  MY esteemed alma mater has made national news AGAIN:   The George Washington University (GWU) student body president condemned white leadership of liberal groups on campus Thursday, endorsing a pro-Palestinian group’s demands to prioritize students of color in pursuing such roles. In…

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Different driveby boss, same driveby bias

      While at The N&O, AndyPaul Specht dazzled  us with reporting that made Darren Jackson and Wayne Goodwin jump up and down and clap like jayvee cheerleaders.  Now, he’s graduated to the big leagues — that’s right, WRAL-TV.  The nerve center of the…

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From Russia — um, RICHARD, with Love

    No, it’s not the title of Daniel Craig’s swan song as the fabled agent 007.   We’re talking about the latest buffoonery from our special-needs senior US senator who has allowed Democrats to hijack the committee he chairs:   In a bipartisan report,…

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Folwell spearheads effort to combat coronavirus in state corrections system

    The state treasurer’s office and the state health plan have teamed up to provide some much needed help in combating the coronavirus:   State Treasurer Dale R. Folwell, CPA, and State Health Plan (Plan) Director Dee Jones announced today that they have secured…

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North Carolina gets 1st installment of coronavirus $$$ from DC

  The state treasurer’s office has confirmed that North Carolina has received $2 billion as part of the federal CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act.   The state is slated to receive a total of  more than $4 billion from the recently-passed congressional…

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Top aide to NeverTrump presidential candidate, MD Dems, now consulting for NCGOP

    He’s worked for Democrats in Maryland.  He ran the Internet side of NeverTrump presidential candidate Evan McMullin’s independent campaign. Now,  he’s the webmaster for the NCGOP and a major player in the state party’s online fundraising efforts.  Meet Ian Patrick Hines of Hines…