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Cooper torpedoes RNC in Charlotte. Will he do same to NCGOP in Greenville?

      Charlotte has gone from getting the whole multi-million dollar ball-of-wax to possibly a handful of minor “business meetings.”  The state Republican Party’s convention is slated for July in Greenville.  Right now,  the Cooper administration has quarantine rules in place that would make…

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Under siege: The NCGOP HQ

      The riotous rabble found their way – with the help of GPS –  to state GOP HQ yesterday.  Here’s the Facebook notice:       Paper airplanes, eh? Let’s take a look at the two sponsors of the event:  Conrad James I…

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When Dale Folwell talks, Roy Cooper listens

      We told you earlier about the Cooper Administration’s decision to shut down a Tyrrell County prison that put the county at risk of a state takeover.     State treasurer Dale Folwell had more than a few things to say about that….

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Roy Cooper kills RNC convention in Charlotte, marches with rioting rabble

      Governor Doofus claims he’s acting out of concern for everyone’s safety,  but he had no qualms with marching massless and gloveless with the rioting rabble today:   While THIS went down,  here was our governor: Of course, state Republicans were not happy….

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Leading like a BOSS

    Last night, President Trump put the criminal class on notice that patty-cake was officially OVER:   President Trump said during a statement in the Rose Garden on Monday that he is taking “immediate action” to mobilize “all available federal resources” to stop riots…

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Riots and Economic Ruin: Welcome to The Roy Cooper Era

    The drive-by media appears to take great pleasure in regaling us with tales of alleged,  purported racism. They seem to have quite a bit of fun stoking anger in black people and scaring the hell out of white people.  But the fun starts…

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#ncga: Senate Dems’ #MeToo moment?

    We’ve told you wild stories about the goings-on in the GOP caucus room.   Now it appears things get just as rowdy on the other side of the aisle.   Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh are just two examples of GOP nominees who…

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#ncga: House GOP aiding-and-abetting Dem vote-by-mail scheme

      This will be one more example state Republicans can reflect on when they find themselves in the General Assembly’s minority after November.  Democrats and all kinds of liberal special interests have been hollering for more voting-by-mail, and it appears House Republicans are…

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Folwell: Cooper needs to do “the right thing”

      Tyrrell County is one of the state’s more impoverished localities.  The county, and the city of Columbia,  committed to 40 years of debt to build and supply water and sewer to a local industry and a prison facility.  The industry has shut…

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Cooper admin sends sick inmates to clean state offices

    We told you earlier about Roy Cooper’s burgeoning reputation as the ‘mismanagement’ governor.  Here’s one more doozy to add to the ever-expanding list of supporting evidence  demonstrating the appropriateness of that nickname:   On March 25, North Carolina officials announced that they were…