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Public Official ‘A’ : fanning the flames, stirring the pot, doing The Left’s dirty work

  He got elected promising to not vote for John Boehner in the speaker’s race. He did it anyway. He has publicly refused to support deportation of people already in this country illegally. He’s even admitted to being “Public Official ‘A’ ” in the indictment…

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Tillis finally cuts Tom Farr loose

  President Trump is nominating a new candidate for a federal judgeship covering the Carolinas:   President Donald Trump nominated UNC-Chapel Hill law professor Richard E. Myers on Wednesday to fill the longest federal judicial vacancy in the country.   Trump had twice nominated Raleigh…

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Whittling away our rights one ‘red flag’ at a time

  We’ve had some more mass shootings.  Both in retail stores in Texas and Ohio.  The left, foaming at the mouth, wants to blame it all on Donald Trump.  That’s kind of like blaming the Oklahoma City bombing (1995) and Columbine (1999) on Bill Clinton….

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Does Congress’s budget deal mark the end of the Tea Party?

  That’s what Rand Paul  said on Wednesday:   Sen. Rand Paul, who was first elected in 2010 as a one of the original tea party candidates, declared the movement dead on Wednesday, citing a massive budget deal poised for passage Thursday.   “Both parties…

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Tillis teams with Dems to enact race, gender quotas for federal patents

  His campaign is mouthing a bunch of nonsense about how much he love Trump and how conservative he is, but Thom Tillis’s own Senate website tells a different story:   Yesterday, Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC), Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Intellectual Property,…

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Tillis leads effort to keep crony capitalist Ex-Im Bank alive & kicking

  The Ex-Im Bank guarantees loans to foreigners so they can purportedly buy US-made goods.  (Though, how much is actually MADE here anymore?)  Conservatives cry foul over the continued existence of the bank, calling it the ultimate  in “crony capitalism.”    The “bank” is less…

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NC-09: Bishop gets a little help from some deep-pocketed friends

  It’s only fair.  Dan McCready and his Chinese solar panels have been coddled and babied for over a year by  the drive-by media and their compatriots in the national activist left. has gone live on the Internet to show how our little…

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Medicaid expansion? THIS is gonna hurt.

    Duke scholar, Dr. Christopher Conover, Ph.D., lays out a pretty damning case against Medicaid expansion in the January-February 2-17 issue of the North Carolina Medical Journal.   Yet, the liberals, the media and the rest of the political establishment will likely eviscerate HIM…

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Poll: A Tillis collapse

  The Garland Tucker campaign has released internal polling showing that Thom Tillis is undergoing  a “spectacular” collapse in support among Republican voters:   You see it once every thirty or forty years in politics: An incumbent Senator collapsing in his own primary.   Garland…

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N&O Punk: Trump fans JUST LIKE The Klan

  And you wonder why their reporters are all over social media pitching 99 cents unlimited digital access “deals” for subscribing to their rag.  It’s hard to find another business that has such a lack of respect for the general public — its pool of…